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ELocksys Garage Door Deadbolt

ELocksys Garage Door Deadbolt
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Elocksys Deadbolt Garage Door Lock
The garage door lock from ELocksys features a secure way to lock your garage door.   It can work with either manual or automatic garage doors and integrates in with virtually all automatic garage openers.   The Elocksys product adds a whole secondary layer of security to any garage door and helps ensure your garage is secure.   There is no need to perform additional tasks to open or close your garage door, you still have one garage door opener and just need to push one button to open the door.  It supports its own wireless keypad and your existing wired garage door button inside of your garage. 

Normal garages are highly susceptible to attack due to the emergency release handle/cable located on the inside of the garage door near the top of the door.  Criminals can very easily use a tool, similar to a coat hanger, to easily hook the emergency release through the top of the garage door and pull it from the outside.  Garage doors are frequently a target for criminals as once they are inside they have nearly unlimited time to break into the rest of the house and they cannot be seen.  In addition garages allows criminals to stage property to remove from the premises.  Garages also provide a large and easy method of access for getting goods out of the house.  Garages are frequently the source of useful tools for a burglar even if not directly attached to the house.  


Helps secure older fixed code garage doors
Older garage doors used fixed codes for remote opening, this allowed a burglar with a special tool (or a lucky neighbor who’s garage is on the same code) to easily open your garage door.  The Elocksys garage door deadbolt however uses secure rolling code technology to make your existing fixed code garage door opener secure. 


About the Secure Garage Door Deadbolt
The garage door lock is an automatic deadbolt for your garage door.  When your garage door closes it automatically throws a heavy duty steel bolt into the track of your garage door.  This prevents the garage door from being opened even if the emergency release is pulled.  When you open your garage door the deadbolt is automatically retracted out of the track before the door opens.   In case of emergency there is a lever on the garage door lock that can be used to manually retract the bolt (in which case the emergency release will then work like normal) and it is far harder to manipulate from the outside. 

The garage door lock uses secure rolling code technology to prevent easy interception or opening of your garage door remotely.  It comes with two keychain fobs/remotes by default (you can order up to 8) that are used for unlocking your garage door.  If you have a manual garage door (no motor) then you would simply use the key fob to unlock the garage door before opening it by hand.   If you have an electronic / motorized garage door then you would replace your existing garage door openers with the ones included in the box.  When you use the included key fob it will automatically open/shut your garage door and lock/unlock the deadbolt with one button press. 

The optional wireless Elocksys keypad features a pin number between 4 and 6 numbers long for enhanced security and can be easily reprogrammed.  It is meant to be mounted outside the garage for access without using one of the included key fobs.   It runs on easily replaceable batteries for over a year.  You can use multiple keypads with one garage door opener, they just count towards the 8 total opener limit.

If you have an existing electronic garage door opener the Elocksys garage door opener will be able to integrate with virtually no extra effort for opening/closing your garage door.   Your existing wired push button inside your garage will still be usable to open/close your garage door (although if it has a light only function that may not work).    If you have a wireless keypad outside of your garage door you will need to replace it with the one from Elocksys found in the product options below.   Finally your existing garage door openers/fobs will be replaced by new ones that seamlessly unlock the deadbolt before signaling your garage door to open.  When your garage door shuts the garage door deadbolt automatically detects this and throws the deadbolt. 

If you have a flip-up or 1 piece (non-rolling) garage door note that this product would only be able to secure one side of the garage door, and would require a bracket or similar next to the garage door for the bolt to throw into. If you are not sure about your garage door type please contact us and we are happy to help.


In addition if you have a single entry garage door(no interior doors) or would like a manual exterior override there is a cabled key override.  It is important to note that it is not a high security lock and unfortunately is not currently available in a high security option.


Installation will take about an afternoon for a first time installer who is familiar with common tools (screw driver, wire strippers, tape measure, etc).   Please see the installation instructions at the end for full details on what is involved.
For both manual and electronic garage doors the deadbolt unit must be mounted to the inside of the garage door using the enclosed screws.  Most garage door tracks have cut/break outs along the track or holes, if your garage door track does not have you may have to cut a hole in the track (this is for the bolt to throw into). 

If you have a manual garage door: you will just need to mount the control box along the ceiling or wall and plug it in and you are done. 

If you have an automatic garage door: You mount the control box next to your existing garage door opener (or ziptie it to it).  It then has a few wires that go between it and your existing garage door panel (normally require a screw driver or similar to install the wires).  

For more details please see the standard Single Track Style installation instructions.

The Elocksys garage door unit is compatable with Home Link systems through the use of a conversion adapter.  You must purchase Genie model # GIRUD-1T adapter and install it to allow communication with the vehicle. It goese near the opener in the garage and can be purchase from a Genie dealer, Home Depot or online.


The company has been around since 2006 and concentrates on making one great product, a secure garage door opener.  They are located in Phoenix, Arizona and stand behind all of their products with 1 year warranty.  We are happy to provide first line of warranty service on everything we sell and are able to handle most customer problems in house without issue.   If you run into any problems or have any installation questions please let us know!

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