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Expanding Bolt for Abloy Deadbolts

Expanding Bolt for Abloy Deadbolts
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Expanding Bolt for Abloy Locks
The Expanding Bolt for Abloy Locks has two ball bearings in the tip of the bolt that are forced outwards when the bolt is extended into the reinforced strikebox.  The strike box mounts in the door frame and has a special lip around the inside edge that captures the ball bearings.  This ensures the lock cannot be bypassed by prying the door and the door frame apart.  This is frequently an attack done with a crowbar, inflatable air wedge, or other device, and is becoming a more common attack.  The Expanding Bolt will give some additional peace of mind for any individual or business.   It has no additional hardware requirements or door/door frame modifications from the standard Abloy bolt and can be easily swapped for the standard bolt during or after installation.   Please note that while the expanding bolt does it job very well, frequently the wood door frame or door itself will break before a normal bolt would exceed the 1" throw so it may not add much protection for some customers.  Please note the expanding bolt is made by another ASSA Abloy company than Abloy, Abloy no longer makes these bolts for their own products.  



This product has the following related skus: CUS-XXXEXPBT
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