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Information Pages

The world of locks and physical security can be a big and confusing, especially when getting started. Below are a collection of informational pages we have put together to hopefully make it easier to understand what is important when dealing with physical security. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
  • Getting Started - A guide to where to start and what to read.
  • The Snobs Difference - What makes us stand out from our competitors
  • Our Locations - The primary locations we provide local service and shipping from to our customers worldwide.
  • Types Of Locks - The different types (padlocks/deadbolts/etc) of locks you may encounter and how to decide what type a lock is
  • Lock Security Features - The important areas that you need to look for in all high security locks
  • The Bumping Threat - What bumping is and why you need to know about it
  • Choosing A Brand - Information on the differences between lock brands including ones we both carry and do not
    • Abloy - Details on our Abloy Brand
    • BiLock - Details on our BiLock Brand
    • EVVA - Details on our EVVA Brand
  • Unique Products - Highlights some products customers may commonly miss or not even be aware exist
  • Best Practices - Additional tips and suggestions to securing your environment
  • Durability of Locks and Keys - Covers what locks and keys make the most durable design for harsh conditions and when reliability is the most important
  • Access Control Systems - Talks about the issues with many traditional access control systems
  • Lock Installation - How to install the locks we sell
  • Master Keying - What master keying is and how it can reduce key counts and improve security
  • Shipping Information - Details about our shipping and packaging policies
  • Abloy Protec2 Cliq - A hybrid Electro-Mechanical lock that features the proven mechanical security of the Abloy Protec2 with an electronic side to bring auditing and ACL to mechanical locks
  • Wireless and Biometric Locks - Information on wireless(RFID/SmartCards etc) and Biometric products
  • Backset / Handedness - What you need to know about your door before buying a lock
  • Cams / Tailpieces - When dealing with certain locks knowing what piece you need on the back of the lock can be very important
  • Stanton Concepts Robo Key System (RKS) - Discusses the unique RKS system and what makes it an optimal locking solutions for OEM applications
  • Gift Certificates - Buying a SecuritySnobs gift certificate
  • Existing Abloy Owners - Details on services we can provide for existing Abloy lock owners
  • Additional Keys & Locks - Details on obtaining additional keys or locks for your Abloy system
  • Return Policy - See Our Return Policy