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Medeco Biaxial Mortise New

Medeco Biaxial Mortise New
Medeco Biaxial Mortise Cylinder with Key Medeco Biaxial Mortise Cylinder Medeco Biaxial Mortise Cylinder Front Face Medeco Biaxial Mortise Cylinder Rear View
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Medeco Biaxial

The Medeco Biaxial lock features the technology of Medeco's rotating pin design which currently is in use in 80% of the US market of high security locks.    Our Medeco locks are master keyed by default (so do include master wafers).  If you order working keys the lock will be rekeyed and no longer include master wafers (unless requested).  We can offer multiple cylinders keyed alike for $5 per cylinder.  If you would like this please put it in the notes area during checkout, and we will contact you about the details.

Mortise Cylinder

A mortise cylinder has a threaded body and is most commonly used in commercial applications, such as in glass/aluminum storefront doors.

Large Lot Disclaimer

Large Lot locks are NOT for production use.  Even new locks are frequently quite old and keying is not unique.  That means the person who ordered the lock before you or after you could very easily get the same key as you.  In addition some large lot locks are master keyed meaning one key may open all of the locks.  Security Snobs provides no warranty on large lot locks and simply provides them for lock collectors and those interested in owning a high security lock. DO NOT use large lot locks in production!

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