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ABUS Filing Cabinet Padlock Hasp

ABUS Filing Cabinet Padlock Hasp
ABUS Filing Cabinet Hasp Profile View ABUS Filing Cabinet Hasp Hinges Closed ABUS Filing Cabinet Hasp Hinges Open ABUS Filing Cabinet Hasp Inside View with Hinges Open ABUS Filing Cabinet Hasp Inside Profile View with Hinges Closed
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ABUS File Cabinet Locking Bar/Padlock Hasp
Filing cabinets can use any number of proprietary locking systems. Typically they have a locking bar internally connected to a simple 3-4 pin pin or wafer lock. Some filing cabinets take cam locks or push button locks while others use a proprietary system or no locking device at all.   Some feature a locking mechanism can be bypassed easily or doesn't work right at all. As a result, securing a filing cabinet can be quite a challenge.  Fortunately, the ABUS File Cabinet Locking Bar is up to the task and can retrofit nearly any filing cabinet.  It's perfect for easily securing important files or documents and can be installed easily by anybody.  It locks filing cabinets by hinging over the edge of the drawers and blocking them from opening. It will accept a wide variety of padlocks including many high security models.  Made from 16-guage formed steel with a built in spring loaded hinge to easily snap open and closed. It's reversible for left or right side mounting and meets the Dept. of Defense industrial security requirements.  Fits padlock shackle size up to 5/16".  

Mounting is accomplished using self-tapping screws into the edge of the front of the filing cabinet. No drilling is required.  Once installed the wide body of the hasp securely blocks any of the drawers from being able to be pulled out.   When opened the body flips to the side allowing easy access to the drawers.   There are no exposed screws as they rest behind the front plate making them inaccessible when closed.


ABUS is a leader in high quality padlocks and security devices and is a perfect match for high security products.   Their products are known to be extremely rugged and durable and very secure against attack.  ABUS was founded in 1924 and is based out of Germany with a worldwide presence.  

This product has the following related skus: ABS-07010, ABS-07020, ABS-07030, ABS-07040, ABS-07050
SKU ABS-07010
Weight 2.00 lbs
Hole Size 9mm
Material Thickness 1.5mm
Body Material Steel
Our price: $30.00 (26.90 or 0.001 BTC)
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