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Other products that complement our primary range but do not fit in one of the other categories.


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BiLock Extra QC Core
Extra BiLock Quick Change Core for existing QC Locks. An additional core a allows you to easily swap in this new core using the control key. This allows for quick emergency rekeying or to allow temporary access (for construction workers, babysitters) without the risk of handing out your normal key.

Market price: $105.00
Our price: $70.00 (€62.77 or 0.002 BTC)
save: 33%
Abloy Deadbolt Spacer Ring
The Abloy Deadbolt Spacer Ring provides additional clearance and allows for the use of Abloy deadbolts on doors that are less than 1 3/4" thick.

Market price: $60.00
Our price: $15.00 (€13.45 or 0.000 BTC)
save: 75%
Abloy Double Cylinder Deadbolt Replacement Faceplate
SKU: ABL-412300
Replacement faceplate for the Abloy double cylinder deadbolt cylinders.

Market price: $60.00
Our price: $40.00 (€35.87 or 0.001 BTC)
save: 33%
Abloy Lockable Thumbturn Deadbolt Replacement Hole Cover
Replacement Screw Hole Cover for Abloy Lockable Thumbturn Deadbolts.

Market price: $35.00
Our price: $20.00 (€17.93 or 0.001 BTC)
save: 43%
BiLock Slam Cam
The BiLock Slam Cam allows doors and drawers secured with cam locks to be slammed closed without using a key. The slam cam replaces the normal cam on your lock. When opening, the slam cam rotates out of the way like a regular cam. When closing, the slam cam springs out of the way when it comes in contact with the striker plate and securely rests behind it.

Market price: $50.00
Our price: $40.00 (€35.87 or 0.001 BTC)
save: 20%
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