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Security Snobs offers many of your standard locksmith services and some unique ones. Our cutaway lock service allows you to obtain an inside view of many of the high security locks of the world. Please see our collector locks category and our unique products page for some of our more uncommon items.

We offer high security master keying from small to large scales on both BiLock and Abloy Protec product lines with small setups starting at just $15 per cylinder. If you need master keying, please contact us. We also offer security consulting for small to large setups and manufacturers. We work in partnership with Han Fey Lock Technologies, a worldwide leader in security consulting.

We offer key duplication services. We can cut the following keys:
  • Abloy Protec
  • Abloy Classic
  • Bilock
  • ASSA Twin
  • Medeco M3/Biaxial/Classic
  • Most non-high security Car/Industrial/Residential/Furniture keys

For local services please see our locations page for full details of the local services that can be provided. Please note that not all of the above services can be provided by each of our locations.