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Security Snobs Difference

At Security Snobs we only offer product lines we stand behind completely. We are happy to offer customer assistance on all products we sell, including help choosing the right lock, help with installation, or help with any other questions that may arise.

Security Snobs has a strict policy regarding the information and products we provide on this site. We strive to provide honest information about the locking systems we sell as well as the ones we do not, and we try our best to properly inform potential customers. We generally avoid brand bashing or talking down specific locks, however, we do try to explain the benefits or primary issues that may exist with a product line. Security Snobs only sells products we stand behind, have tested, and truly believe in. While we do have several security experts on staff, it is always possible that a product we are confident in does develop problems down the line. No product (or lock) is perfect, and almost certainly all lock designs will be compromised in some way at some point in time. We work hard to always make statements that are factually sound, and sometimes those are not as bold as the manufacturer. Even though we sell some of the most secure locks and products in the world, we would never label a lock as pick-proof or manipulation-proof even though some manufacturers (or other dealers) may choose to do so with their products. Many of our products do not have any known compromise, nor are they able to be picked by the top experts in the world, making them more secure than many products advertised as "unpickable".

Our primary goal is to inform the customer about different locking systems, products, and solutions, and let them make an informed decision which would best fit their needs. We do not believe that there is one high security lock for everyone, and we do not choose which items to sell based on what products offer the best margins for us. We offer some of the top high security products in the world. If you see a product and aren't sure why we don't carry it, please contact us as there can be several reasons why: sometimes the product is just in testing, we generally test products for long periods of time prior to featuring them on the website; sometimes the product may have some issue or lack a feature we find is important when considering a product for the website; sometimes products may meet all our requirements and we simply do not carry it or are not aware of it; sometimes the product is generally available and so customers can pick it up other places easier than through us. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.

We are happy to discuss vulnerabilities in products we sell and try to provide solutions any time we can. We frequently will not sell products with common vulnerabilities. If we do continue to sell a product that has a vulnerability we do so because the vulnerability may be in something optional, may not pose an issue for most customers, or there may be a mitigation to the problem (for example a lock that supports RFID we will warn against using RFID). In all cases we try to educate the customer regarding potential issues in order to let them make an informed decision that fits their needs.

Security Snobs makes great effort to bring high security products from around the world online and available in markets they may not have traditionally been able to enter. While we evaluate a lot of products, many do not meet our security requirements. If you think you have a product we may be interested in please contact us.

Lock Keying

All of our locks are keyed at the factory or by one of our security experts. Key blanks do not contain the Security Snobs name, phone number, your key combination, or any of your personal information (unless specifically requested). This ensures that someone who simply sees your key cannot gain information about you, your dealer, or your key code. Key codes and key blanks are kept secure and are under strict control at all times. We are happy to offer rekeying services on most of our Abloy and BiLock products in case you ever need to rekey your locks. You can ship your locks to us and we will be happy to rekey each lock for a small fee. We offer free expedited service in most circumstances. This means that if you ship your locks overnight to us and cover overnight shipping back, we can have your locks rekeyed in 48 hours. Shipping your locks to us on a Monday would mean you could have your locks back as early as Wednesday. Same day shipping is available in urgent situations for an additional fee. For more details or to arrange a rekeying please contact us.

Security Snobs Key Card

Key Duplication

The process for obtaining additional keys is different from a normal lock. You cannot simply take your key to a hardware store or locksmith to obtain a copy. This serves to ensure that no one can obtain keys to your locks without proper authorization. All of our high security products which use keys that can be duplicated include a key card with the order. By default, this key card must be present to obtain additional keys. We have strict key duplication procedures in place in order to protect you, the customer. For full details on ordering more locks or keys please see our Keys Page . If you require other key duplication procedures, for example a password or always requiring photo ID for key duplication please let us know, we are happy to meet your requirements.

Shrinkwrapped and Security Stickered

Shipping Security

All of our major products ship in shrink-wrapped packaging with a unique, non-removable Security Snobs security sticker on each item. This is to ensure that once your package is sealed, no one will be able to open or inspect your locks or keys during shipment. Packages normally ship via Fedex with insurance and tracking. If you have special shipping instructions or wish to ship via another carrier, please let us know. We can also have your package held at a Fedex/Kinkos Office for pickup with Photo ID to ensure your package is not left at your door. For complete details on our shipping and packaging please see ourr Shipping Information page.

Abloy Protec2

Abloy Protec / Abloy Protec2

Abloy is one of the most reputable high security lock manufacturers in the world. Abloy is based out of Finland and their current top of the line lock system is the Abloy Protec/Protec2 system. The Abloy Protec system came out in 2001 and features a unique rotating disk based system with a disk blocking anti pick system that is unique to them. It is completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant. It is well respected as one of the top of the line high security locks in the world. It has over 2 billion possible key combinations which is one of the largest of any high security system. Virtually all Abloy locks can be keyed to work with the same set of keys. The Abloy Protec2 was introduced in December of 2012 and it makes some refinements to the Abloy Protec system. The primary features include minor additional drill resistance, harder to copy keys with an interactive element and an extended patent through 2031. To order locks in the Protec2 system select "Protec 2 Elite" under key profile on the product options. For more details please see our Abloy Brand Information page.

BiLock NG

BiLock NG

BiLock is a high security brand that features a unique Quick Change Core (QCC) system and is based out of Australia. BiLock features a unique U shaped key that utilizes a pin and sidebar system that is extremely pick resistant and completely bump proof making it a popular choice by casinos and businesses around the world. The QCC system from BiLock works in all of their locks and allows for the instant removal of the core of the lock with a control key to allow a new core to be easily inserted. Virtually all of their locks can use the same key and interchangeable QC cores. BiLock has extensive retrofitting and compatibility features allowing it to be used in many existing locking systems. For more details please see our BiLock Brand Information page.



EVVA is one of the top high security manufacturers in the world with several different active high security systems and is based out of Austria. We carry their premium MCS (Magnetic Key System) product line featuring a nearly un-duplicable key and an extremely secure cylinder with both an advanced magnetic and mechanical slider security system. MCS locks are completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant (no known picking attacks have been successful). All EVVA locks and keys are factory assembled which is great for key control and security but also means most EVVA products we carry have around a 3 week lead time. All MCS locks can be keyed to work with the same set of keys. For more details please see our EVVA Brand Information page.

Our Other Products

Security Snobs carries many other products from many other manufacturers. However, we do only carry products that we feel meet our strict standards.