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Abloy Protec2 Cliq

The Abloy Protec2 Cliq is a hybrid electromechanical locking system. A Protec2 Cliq key features a standard mechanical key shaft and an electronic key head. In contrast to most electronic systems, the electronic and mechanical locking features are separate and both are required in the Abloy Protec2 Cliq system. This means a key must have the correct physical cuts on it in addition to the proper electronic code in the key head itself. There are currently no known attacks against the Protec2 Cliq locks. Because the mechanical and electronic blocking elements are separate, they give two separate levels of security. If one was compromised the other would still secure the lock. The addition of an electronic component to the Abloy line of locks gives many additional possibilities, including the ability to add or remove keys from the lock, auditing capabilities, limited access hours, and more. The Abloy Protec2 Cliq system comes in several common form factors (deadbolt, rim, mortise, etc). It does not require external power or batteries, and no modifications to infrastructure are generally required. Power to the lock is supplied via a battery contained within the key.


Electronic Access Control Benefits

The introduction of the Cliq component to Abloy Protec2 locks allows for nearly all the benefits of a standard electronic access control system. The Protec2 Cliq features a robust auditing system, allowing you to know about both authorized and unauthorized access attempts. Access is controlled with a comprehensive access window management system. Keys can be allowed to only operate specific locks, at specific times, on certain days. Keys can also be managed in common groups allowing for the ability to modify several keys at once to give or restrict access to doors or areas. Finally, locks do not have to be removed from the door to be reprogrammed; the programmer key can take the updates from the computer to the lock, reprogramming it by simply inserting the key into the lock. The fact that keys can be added or removed from locks without rekeying the lock itself removes the greatest hassles, costs, and restrictions of traditional mechanical locking systems.


The Audit System

Each lock and key keeps an independent event log detailing when it was used or accessed, if the attempt was successful, and what lock or key tried to access it. These audit logs can be retrieved from both the lock and the key as desired. This redundant system goes beyond a normal access control system which generally only keeps audit logs in one location. Audit logs can be downloaded from the lock using a special programmer key or retrieved from a key by inserting it into the correct programmer.


Mechanical Lock / Hybrid System Compatible

The Abloy Protec2 Cliq system is more than a hybrid locking system; at the heart of the Protec2 Cliq system is a standard Abloy Protec2 key. This means Cliq keys work with standard Abloy Protec2 locks. In a situation where only certain high-value doors need to have electronic access control, Cliq locks can be used in conjunction with standard Abloy Protec2 locks, enabling users to still carry only one key. Users that do not require access to Cliq Protected areas can use standard Abloy Protec2 keys in non-cliq locks, further reducing the cost of the system. These options allow for a primarily mechanical system to slowly be upgraded to the Protec2 Cliq system as needs and access control demands change. It should be noted that when a Protec2 Cliq key is used on a standard Abloy Protec2 lock, no audit trail is generated as the lock itself is purely mechanical. Likewise, a standard Abloy Protec2 key cannot be used on a Cliq lock as it cannot authenticate itself electronically.


Extended Key Security

The Abloy Protec2 Cliq offers additional key control over a standard Abloy Protec2 key. The standard Abloy Protec2 keys are one of the hardest mechanical-only keys in the world to duplicate or read. However, at the end of the day the keys are still only metal. Any metal object can be duplicated with the proper knowledge, tools, equipment, and time. While the angular cuts on the keys make sight reading of the key harder (for example from a photo), it can still be done. With the Abloy Protec2 Cliq, each key has an electronic component inside the key head that makes it nearly impossible to duplicate, resulting in some of the best key control options in the world. Users of the Cliq system can rest assured that a key given to a user is nearly impossible to duplicate even if that user possesses great technical skill.


The Technical Details of the Locks

The Cliq locks themselves are very similar to their mechanical only brothers. The lock features a standard anti-drill disk, followed by the electronic locking component, and then finally a standard Abloy Protec2 disk pack. The electronic component communicates directly through a contact point on the key itself, meaning no wireless transmission occurs. This is exceptionally important as most wireless keys can be cloned or duplicated with hardware that can be easily purchased on the internet. The key provides the power to the lock, meaning you never have to worry about your lock not working in a blackout or if it has not been used for extended periods of time. The electronic and mechanical components of the lock both block the ability to rotate the lock, so if either component was compromised the other would still stop the lock from being opened. The locks themselves come in several standard form factors including rim/mortise cylinders, deadbolts, padlocks, cam locks, and knob cylinders (along with several others). The locks are fully weather rated and qualified for outdoor use without issue. They require no power or wiring to tie them into your building and can generally replace your standard mechanical cylinder with nothing more than a screwdriver.



The Abloy Protec2 Cliq locks and keys do carry a hefty premium over standard Abloy Protec2 locks (generally 2-5 times the normal cost). In addition, there are additional upfront costs required for the software, the programmer, and the programming/system keys. However, Abloy Protec2 Cliq systems are generally much cheaper than their electronic counterparts and are far easier to retrofit in place. Due to the inter-compatibility between the standard Protec2 and the Cliq, the entire system be migrated gradually to keep the upfront cost low. Larger systems also feature price breaks that can make costs far more affordable.


Limited Cliq Systems for Key Control

Some residential or small business customers find themselves wanting the additional security of the Cliq system without the need for the access control and primarily with a focus on key control. Security Snobs can sell Cliq locks and keys without the programmer or large upfront cost found in a normal Cliq system. Unfortunately, in doing so you lose the ability to remove keys from the lock or check the audit trail without sending the lock to us. You do still benefit from the fact that the keys are nearly impossible to duplicate as well as the redundant locking system inside of the lock (so even of an Abloy lock was compromised mechanically, through picking or other means, your locks would still be secure with the electronic counterpart). Finally, an audit trail is still kept so in emergencies locks can be returned to us to obtain the audit log.


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