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Robo Key System(RKS)

The RKS system is primarily an OEM targeted solution. It uses a miniature 6 wheel safe lock with extreme security, reliability, and durability. We feature some development items to help give an idea of the system use and performance.


Stanton Concepts RKS Auto Dialer
The Robo Key System Auto Dialer can automatically dial and unlock RKS locks. It can be programmed with combinations for up to 50 individual locks and features auditing, pin restrictions, and blackout times.

Market price: $500.00
Our price: $250.00 (€224.17 or 0.008 BTC)
save: 50%
Stanton Concepts RKS(Robo Key System) Cutaway Cam Lock
The Robo Key System Cutaway Cam Lock is a great way to see and understand how the revolutionary RKS cylinder works. It allows for full viewing of the internal workings of the lock and features a user changeable combination.

Market price: $250.00
Our price: $200.00 (€179.34 or 0.006 BTC)
save: 20%
Stanton Concepts RKS Manual Dialer
The Robo Key System Manual Dialer is a typical safe dial interface for the RKS lock. It is primarily intended to be used as a backup dialing solution for the RKS lock.

Market price: $60.00
Our price: $50.00 (€44.83 or 0.002 BTC)
save: 17%