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Lock Installation

Security Snobs is happy to provide installation and lock removal instructions to customers. However, we cannot be held liable for any damage or problems caused by trying to install or remove locks yourself. When in doubt, please contact a professional locksmith in your area.

Security Snobs is available to provide installation service in and around the areas we operate for a reasonable fee. In most modern residential systems, the customer can install new locks on their own with a few basic tools and knowledge of how to properly use them. Virtually all doors are pre-drilled for a knob and/or deadbolt. Once you know the backset and handedness of your door (see our page here for more details), installing the actual product is generally fairly straightforward.
If you currently have a lock system in place, you must first unscrew it and remove it completely from your door. Generally, there are two screws on the the interior side of the knob or deadbolt that hold both sides together. After removing these screws, you should be able to pull apart and remove both sides of the lock. Once this is done, the bolt or latch can be pulled out after removing the screws on the edge of the door. You may now proceed with installation of your new lock.
For specific products installation instructions, please check the product page for the installation manual (when available) or additional details. If you have any problems or questions during installation, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or through our website.