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Unique Products

Security Snobs features several unique products that you may not know about. This page is to briefly explain some of the more unique products we offer. Additional information can be found on the individual product pages.


Unique Locking Systems

  • ELOCKSYS Garage Door Lock – Most garage doors can be easily bypassed from the outside relying on cheap locks or featuring emergency releases that can be easily pulled with a simple piece of wire.   The Garage Door Deadbolt is like a deadbolt for your garage door. It features a rolling code wireless access system. Simply replace your existing garage door openers with the included ones and it will unlock the deadbolt and open your garage door with one push.
  • MOBEYE GSM Alarm System – The MOBEYE device is a completely standalone alarm system that uses an infrared heat sensor to detect motion in the area around where it is placed (in a room, car, etc). When triggered, it notifies the owner by SMS text or a phone call. It features a pin based authentication mode for disarming (you simply enter in a pin number into the device) and can be easily turned on by the push of a button. It works great as a portable alarm system or in remote or temporary areas. No power or wiring is necessary as it will run on batteries for over a year.
  • DJArmor Sliding Door Lock – Many sliding door locks can be easily bypassed from the outside or the doors can be lifted out of their channels. The DJArmor solution is simple product that easily secures nearly any sliding glass door.
  • Abloy Protec2 Cliq – The Protec2 Cliq system is a hybrid electronic/mechanical lock that allows for many of the benefits of an electronic access control system, without the need for the infrastructure or many of the weaknesses of a traditional electronic key system. It features a redundant locking technology that can interact with our standard Protec2 product line and requires zero infrastructure modification to work (no power or wires must be run to the locks themselves).
  • Robo Key System – The RKS is an open source locking system that features an extremely secure future ready lock with an open interface that allows for easy integration into custom or OEM locking solutions. It is a purely mechanical cylinder with no keyway that still allows for auditing, blackout, and other electronic system features.


Guards / Reinforcement Products

  • DJArmor Door Reinforcement Products – DJArmor makes products to reinforce doors against forced attacks such as kicking or prying. They have products for almost any type of door including standard doors, doors with sidelights, and double doors. They are built to last and do an exceptionally great job of preventing forced entry.
  • Geminy Shield – The Geminy shield is a guard that surrounds a lock in order to add extreme drill/force/manipulation/deformation (glue, gum, etc) protection to standard locks. Installation typically requires minimal modifications to the door, making it easy to add a second layer of protection in front of your lock.