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ABUS Hardened Alloy Chain

ABUS Hardened Alloy Chain
ABUS Hardened Alloy Chain
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ABUS Hardened Alloy Chain
Constructed from a hardened special steel alloy with a yellow zinc plating for maximum physical strength and corrosion resistance. Great for securing large items such as a motorcycle or boat trailer (especially when combined with an ABUS Wall/Floor Anchor). Features a nylon sleeve to prevent scratching paint, chrome, or other delicate surfaces.  Available in 2', 6', and 10' lengths and diameters ranging from 6mm to 14mm (1/4" to 0.55").  ABUS chain uses a hexagonal construction making it harder to attack with bolt cutters and easier to fit in padlocks.   All ABUS chains feature 'through-link' ends which means one of the chain can be inserted through the other before being inserted in the lock (and thus only one link not two needs to be inserted into the lock).  This allows for use with padlocks with less clearance for such a wide chain (frequently shrouded locks).   It makes it possible to use the 12mm and 14mm chains with locks like the Abloy PL 362, Abloy PL 342, and the ABUS Shrouded line (83/55CS,83/50CS, 83/45CS).   Alternatively if wanting to use the 14mm chain without through link you may want to see the ABUS Rock Padlock or the Abloy PL 350/PL 358 or the Anchor Las line of padlocks.


ABUS is a leader in high quality padlocks and security devices and is a perfect match for high security products.   Their products are known to be extremely rugged and durable and very secure against attack.  ABUS was founded in 1924 and is based out of Germany with a worldwide presence.  

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