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ASSA Twin Mortise Lock Used

ASSA Twin Mortise Lock Used
ASSA Twin Used Mortise Cylinder with Key ASSA Twin Used Mortise Cylinder Front View ASSA Twin Used Mortise Cylinder Rear View
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The ASSA Twin features a secondary shear line through the finger pins and sidebar.  ASSA locks are manufactured to very tight standards and are extremely pick resistant.   What makes the ASSA Twin different from most other sidebar locks is that the sidebar pins are all the same, however the code for the sidebar is actually cut into the sidebar itself.   The lock comes with 1 or more working keys.

For more details on ASSA Twin's and the history of ASSA locks we recommend the ASSA Twin article at: http://www.toool.nl/images/d/dc/Assa-twin-part1.pdf 

Used Cylinder

This is a used cylinder. The photo taken is not the actual cylinder you will receive but it will be similar.  We always try to photograph the worst of the used locks so that you will almost certainly get one in a better shape.  Unless there is a specific problem with the cylinder you receive we generally do not accept returns on used goods.  If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us.


Large Lot Disclaimer

Large Lot locks are NOT for production use.  Even new locks are frequently quite old and keying is not unique.  That means the person who ordered the lock before you or after you could very easily get the same key as you.  In addition some large lot locks are master keyed meaning one key may open all of the locks.  Security Snobs provides no warranty on large lot locks and simply provides them for lock collectors and those interested in owning a high security lock. DO NOT use large lot locks in production!

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