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BiLock Brand Info

BiLock is a large high security lock manufacturer that is known worldwide for their high security locks. The BiLock factory is in Australia and was founded in the 1980s. They are most well known for their Quick Change Core (QCC) feature that can be found in nearly all of their products. Their systems feature a unique U shaped key with cuts for 12 pins arranged into two rows of 6. Each pin has one of four depths and allows for a very large key space of over 16 million unique keys. It is not a standard pin on top of pin system meaning it is bump proof. The unique locking system also makes it extremely pick resistant. BiLock locks are frequently used in casinos and money devices due to their reliability and security. BiLock cylinders come in a myriad of formats and can retrofit many applications and devices.
BiLock has two primary generations of systems. Their "First Generation"(FG) system came out in the 1980's and is very similar to the "New Generation"(NG) system which came out in 2000. The NG system features an interactive movable element that makes it harder to illicitly duplicate a BiLock key. The NG system is patent protected worldwide through 2021.

Quick Change (QC) Core Feature

Virtually all BiLock products are available in the QC system. Unlike traditional interchangeable core systems (like BEST figure 8 systems), BiLock QC core system is available in dozens of formats include deadbolts, knobs, levers, cam locks, and more at no cost. In addition QC cores are interchangeable between QC locks allowing for quick rekeying and management of lock systems. With QCC systems there is a unique Control Key that when turned 45 degrees in either direction allows for the core of the lock to be pulled straight out. Normal operator keys do not have the risk of pulling the core out. A lock can be rekeyed in a matter of seconds to a new core. Every QCC systems you buy from Security Snobs will come with one control key and one operator key by default. QC cores can be easily rekeyed by just sending the core to Security Snobs while swapping a new core in its place, this lowers costs and makes rekeying much easier if ever required.

QCC Applications

Due to the easy nature and lack of cost with the BiLock QCC systems it allows for some non-traditional applications. You can buy spare QC cores for your locks that are keyed to different keys or master keyed. For example, if you have a house keeper or construction worker you can give them a key that only works on their specific core. On the days they are expected to be in the house you can swap their core into the lock and both your keys and their keys can open the lock. When they are not supposed to be there you can swap back to the core that only works with your key and even though they still have a key they cannot use it on the lock. In addition, if you are worried about losing a key you can buy an extra core in advance or after the key is lost and easily swap the old core out and the new core and keys into place without having to take the lock apart. The QCC systems also allows for easy construction applications with the ability to swap the construction cores to the final cores when construction is done.

Order Times

Security Snobs stocks every item in every finish that BiLock makes. All BiLock orders are assembled on site and most ship out within one day. All locks are assembled to order by a Security Snobs professional to the customer's specifications.

EX and EX Short Systems

BiLock locks can also come in EX and EX short systems. The EX system is similar to the QCC system without the convenience of being able to swap the core of the lock. Some EX locks may be available with some additional drill resistance but these models are becoming less common. Finally the EX short system allows for a slightly shorter BiLock key at the cost of lower security. The EX short system uses only 8 pins instead of 12, and so 2 cuts on each side of the keys are missing. It is very infrequent that people need a shorter key so Security Snobs does not offer this system by default any more. Customers interested in the EX Short system can contact us to purchase it.

All BiLock Systems

Technically there are a variety of system options with BiLock. There is the NG and FG systems, the EX and QC options, and the normal 12 pin or "short" or 8 pin options. This makes for 8 different possible options for existing cylinders. Security Snobs normally only sells the NG QC and NG EX systems.