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BiLock Factory Oval Cutaway Lock

BiLock Factory Oval Cutaway Lock
BiLock Factory Cutaway Oval BiLock Factory Cutaway Oval Side View BiLock Factory Cutaway Oval Front View BiLock Factory Cutaway Oval Rear View
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Oval Cutaway Cylinder
BiLock factory cutaway cylinder shows off the BiLock locking principal and the QC interchangeable retrofitting system at the same time.  Includes one control key and one operating key for showing functionality.



BiLock is a high security brand that features a unique Quick Change Core (QCC) system and is based out of Australia. BiLock features a unique U shaped key that utilizes a pin and sidebar system that is extremely pick resistant and completely bump proof making it a popular choice by casinos and businesses around the world. The QCC system from BiLock works in all of their locks and allows for the instant removal of the core of the lock with a control key to allow a new core to be easily inserted. Virtually all of their locks can use the same key and interchangeable QC cores. BiLock has extensive retrofitting and compatibility features allowing it to be used in many existing locking systems. For more details please see our BiLock Brand Information page.

Key Look

BiLock keys can have various multi-colored key heads.  The key head is actually made up of two different parts, an inner part and an outer part.  They can be the same or different colors.  

This product has the following related skus: CUS-5390X
Weight 1.00 lbs
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