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DJArmor Door Shield

DJArmor Door Shield
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DJArmor Door Shield

The Door Shield product is meant to help prevent wood or hollow metal doors from splitting or bending due to physical attack.   It should be noted that in most cases the Door Shield should not be used without the Jamb Shield product as most door jambs will give out before the door itself unless you have a metal door frame.  When a door is kicked or shoved all of the force is applied to the hinges and the deadbolt itself (in addition to the door jamb, as covered above).  With the hinges it is generally divided among them, and so they are more resistant to failing than the deadbolt.   With all the force on the bolt of the deadbolt wood or metal doors will frequently give way as the bolt forces its way through the door.   Once the door gives it can be opened with relative ease and your security is compromised.  While metal doors may look strong most are hollow with wood, foam, or air at the core making them as weak or weaker than solid wood equivalents.  This is where the door shield steps in.  By wrapping the most vulnerable part of the door in a piece of metal it is far harder for the bolt to get pushed through the door, and the door itself will take much more physical force.

Door Shield Variants

The Door Shield comes in two styles:
The standard profile style has a modern design that goes around the door and comes in two pieces one for the knob and one of the deadbolt.   It is installed under the knob/lever and the deadbolt. The standard style comes in three finishes, white (which can be painted), satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.
The EZ profile style provides similar resistance to the door splitting/bending but only wraps the very edge of the door making it nearly invisible.  It comes in three finishes, white, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.

As with the Jamb Armor, the Door Shield also requires a 1 and 3/4" thick door. To install the Door Shield you simply must unscrew the knob and deadbolts on your door, remove both sides, slip the Door Shield sleeve over the door, and reattach your knob and deadbolt.  The EZ Door shield variant can just be screwed onto the side of the door without having to remove the locks from the door.


DJArmor / Armor Concepts is a company formed out of the basic desire to provide true home security on common entry doors. They looked at the existing solutions and found them to be inadequate at fully addressing the true vulnerabilities.  They offer a reinforcement product for standard doors and a unique sliding glass door lock for sliding doors.  With two primary product lines, their Platinum wrap around solution and their Gold screw-on-top solution no matter what level of installation difficulty you are looking for they have you covered.


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