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DJArmor Hinge Shield

DJArmor Hinge Shield
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DJArmor / Armor Concepts is a company formed out of the basic desire to provide true home security on common entry doors. They looked at the existing solutions and found them to be inadequate at fully addressing the true vulnerabilities.  They offer a reinforcement product for standard doors and a unique sliding glass door lock for sliding doors.  With two primary product lines, their Platinum wrap around solution and their Gold screw-on-top solution no matter what level of installation difficulty you are looking for they have you covered.

DJArmor Hinge Shield

The Hinge Shield guards the final primary weak point of a normal door when physically attacked, the hinges.   The Platinum Hinge Shield wraps around the door jamb on the hinge side of the door to help the wood around the hinges avoid splitting. The Gold EZArmor Hinge Shield is similar but only screws on top of the wood around the hinge.    The full Door Reinformcent kits come with two hinge shield pieces that go on the middle and bottom hinges and use 3" screws to screw threw to the door jamb and into the stud behind it.  It does NOT require removal of the door to be installed, simply temporary removal of the molding around the door (for the Platinum variant).  The EZArmor varient does not require the molding removed from around the door for install.


This product has the following related skus: DJA-HINGESHIELD, DJA-HSH-STD-10002, DJA-HSH-EZA
Weight 1.00 lbs
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