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EVVA Brand Info

EVVA is one of the most innovative high security lock companies in the world. The EVVA factory is located in Vienna, Austria and has been around for almost 100 years. Originally founded in 1919 they have made dozens of different product lines over that time. EVVA has historically been primarily distributed throughout Europe and is one of the largest high security brands in that market. Their current MCS product line is protected by worldwide patents through 2017. While the patent date is currently approaching EVVA keys require an industrial size machine, and even though several of the previous generation EVVA MCS products have been out of patent, no MCS key duplicator or key blanks are on the market. Unlike many traditional high security lock manufacturers EVVA actively maintains a variety of high security lines. Their three major high security lines are the 3KS/3KS+(3 Curve), ICS(Inner Code), and the MCS(Magnetic Code). Each system is very unique and different from the others and offer their own features, price points, and keying benefits. Their highest security product line is currently the EVVA MCS. At Security Snobs we chose to initially focus our EVVA distribution on the MCS product line. It offers the most distinct benefits to our customers and is their premiere lock.

MCS Security Features

The MCS lock features three independent security systems. The first is a security check pin that simply ensures a proper EVVA key is inserted. The second is a set of active sliders that validate the pattern on the top and bottom of the key. The final and hardest to crack system is the magnetic security system. The lock itself has no magnets in it and the locking rotors never come in direct contact with the key. The key has 4 magnetic samarium cobalt 5 permanent magnets that cannot become deprogrammed or de-magnetized with conventional methods. Each magnet is magnetized differently on each side (something nearly impossible with any standard magnetizer) and each side has one of eight possible permutations. This means there are over 16 million magnetic combinations alone (not even considering the sliders/security pin systems). The magnets can only be programmed at the factory, and are extremely unlike to cause any interference or become de-magnetized in just about any environment. The magnets are very resistant to demagnetizing however do not give off a strong magnetic field so are perfectly safe around virtually all magnetically sensitive devices (credit cards, electronics, etc). As there is also no direct access to many of the internal mechanics of the MCS lock it is largely immune to direct manipulation tools and picks. There are currently no known picking, bumping, or impressioning attacks that are successful against the MCS system.

Durability / Environmental Friendliness

The MCS system is extremely durable, as the key has no real cuts on it (other than for the slider system on the edges of the key) it is hard to bend or damage during normal use. In addition, most of the lock components are completely sealed off from the outside making it very hard for dirt or grime to cause any issue in the lock. The primary cavity is just a rectangle in the lock so if dirt does get in it is generally very easy to get out using just the key or compressed air. For very harsh environments many EVVA products have a heavy duty dust cover option.

Drill Resistance

Most EVVA MCS locks are made of hardened steel with a variety of hardened inserts to prevent physical attack. EVVA euro cylinders feature hardened protection against snapping and pull attacks.

Key Control

MCS locks and keys are all created and assembled only at the factory in Austria. This makes it nearly impossible to have an MCS key copied without the original owners' permission. In addition due to the complex magnetism used in the keys it would be very hard to duplicate an MCS keys using traditional illicit key duplication techniques like casting, metallurgy, or clay/silicone impressioning. The MCS is arguably the most secure mechanical only high security key against illicit duplication.

Large System Friendly

EVVA has a very large key space and multiple masterkeying paths making it fully compatible with even the largest master key systems. The extreme key control of the MCS ensures no unauthorized keys are being made in a system. The high reliability of the locks also means there is very little maintenance or quality issues when compared with other lock brands. There are decent quantity discounts available for large master key systems also.

Delivery Times

As all MCS locks and keys must be built at the factory most orders will have to come from the factory. Security Snobs does keep some products on hand but it is infrequent they match exactly what the customer needs. The average wait time is around three weeks from time of order. Customers who need faster delivery should contact us for options. We are also able to ship items faster from the factory but it does have an added shipping cost to do so.

Other EVVA Products

EVVA features a variety of other brands and while we advertise much of the MCS product line there are some MCS products or options we do not advertise on our website. In addition, due to the complexity of the MCS system there are some form factors or locking devices are not traditionally offered in the MCS. We sometimes have hybrid products to meet those needs. If you are interested in ordering any of these other EVVA products please contact us and we are happy to order it in our next shipment from the factory or work with you to find a solution to your needs.