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Customer Keys

All keyed-to-order Security Snobs orders come with a Security Snobs key card. This key card contains your unique customer code that authorizes additional keys or locks to be issued to you. Under certain circumstances, we may be able to cut keys issued by another dealer or for systems without an assigned dealer. Please see the section at the bottom for more information on locks bought from other dealers. If you have found a lock or have lost all of the keys to your lock (and do not have a key card), the only option we can provide would be to rekey the lock. If the lock is a padlock or other lock that cannot be rekeyed without a key, we will be unable to help you. Customers looking for additional security beyond their key card can add a password or pass phrase to the key authorization process.

To obtain more keys or locks keyed to your existing locks you need to do 3 things:

1) Place an order for more keys or locks. Additional keys can be found under the " Accessories->Key / Key Accessories " category of our website. When placing an order, be sure to pick keys that are the same type as the keys you already have (different colors are fine). If you have a master-key system, please specify which key in the system is needed in the notes box on the last page of checkout. You can use the key name (IE Front Door) or the color to specify the key. If ordering new locks to be used with your existing keys, please select "keyed to previous order" when adding the item to your cart. If we have any questions we will contact you.
2) Fill out a Key Authorization Document. You will need your original order number, your new order number, and the key code from the card that came with your original order. If you are missing any of this information, please contact us for assistance.
3) Email or Fax the key authorization document to us. We will then process your new order and ship it to you.

Concerned about the security of emailing the form? Use our PGP key to encrypt it.


Transferring ownership / key control policy changes

To transfer ownership of your locks to a new owner or to make changes to the key control policy attached to your card, fill out the key authorization document and choose the option that applies to your situation. You can attach a second page that documents the changes you want to make. You must attach photo ID that matches the name on the key card in order for any changes to be made. For ownership transfer please include the new owners name, address, and phone number.

If you have any questions or problems please contact us and we are happy to help. Although the additional paperwork may be inconvenient, it is put in place to ensure your keys are never issued to anyone but you.

Older Style Key Cards / BiLock System Numbers

Customers prior to mid-2011 may have an older style key card featuring a 10 digit code and a 4 digit code. These codes can be written on the key authorization document under the primary key code area. For BiLock customers, the numbers located on the sides of the keys are also required to be noted on the form. For questions please contact us.

For Keys from other Abloy, BiLock, or EVVA Dealers

If you are unsure of where your locks or keys came from and you have one of the above brands please contact us and we are happy to help. For some systems we can cut the keys directly, and for others we will be able to refer you to the dealer of record who can assist. If you have an Abloy key and are looking for additional keys please see our Abloy Lock Owners page for identifying what generation key you have, this will assist us when you call or email us.