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Mobeye Quad Band Portable Alarm Unit

Mobeye Quad Band Portable Alarm Unit
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The Mobeye mobile alarm system is a small, self-contained, battery powered (1 year on with daily reports), unit that provides motion detection for confined spaces (cars, moving trucks, storage units, hotel rooms, boats, etc). It features a quad band GSM chip allowing for the use of any standard GSM sim card around the world. Upon detection of motion it will send a SMS & call the designated numbers to notify the owner of detection. It has an optional internal siren (that can be left disabled for passive notification).


Infrared Motion Detection
The Mobeye features an integrated motion detector at the front of the unit that can detect motion for roughly 15 feet around the sensor.  Using infrared motion detection allows for use in any lighting conditions.  The sensor can be set to low or high sensitivity to allow it to adapt to gradual changes or detect smaller movements. 


Alarm Settings
The Mobeye has several adjustable alarm settings to meet your needs.   The unit has delay options to allow you to set how many seconds after motion is detected before the alarm goes off.   The alarm can be either audible or silent (just for notification purposes).  In addition the unit can make a single beep upon detecting motion to remind you the unit needs to be disarmed. 


The procedure to arm or disarm the unit is the same.  You enter the 4 digit configured pin and hit the OK button.  When arming a countdown of 30 seconds allows for you to leave before motion detection starts. 


The unit runs on 4 123A batteries.  The system will last around a year in the armed (motion detecting) state with it waking up daily to send OK reports.   With reporting turned off it would last longer although environmental conditions like temperature can affect the life of the batteries.  When the batteries are getting low it will send text messages warning you of the low battery state.


Temperature Sensor
A built in temperature sensor allows you to set a minimum or maximum temperature.  If the temperature limits are exceeded the unit will set off an alarm like normal warning you of potential temperature related damage to the premises.


Due to its highly versatile capability it shines strongly in remote areas that are without power or where the cost of a traditional alarm system would be prohibitive.   Due to its self-contained nature it also works well for mobile or temporary applications which cannot be tethered to a traditional system.   Its quad band GSM capabilities allow for use on nearly any cellular network.  It is perfect for places like cabins, boats, hotels, and storage lockers not to mention mobile uses like moving trucks, cars and similar.  It has network availability reporting so that when you move it to a new location it can send you a text messages of all the available networks and their strengths.

Transportation / Durability / Mounting
The unit has a durable plastic housing but for worry free travel it fits snugly inside a Pelican 1040 case.  In addition the unit still partially perform even with the clear cover on the pelican case shut.  The unit has an option rear screw mount that allows you to easily wall mount the unit if desired.  In many applications it can be left on a shelf, seat, or floor and not require any sort of mounting.

Installation/Use Instructions

Programming is a fairly straightforward matter and you can have the unit programmed in a matter of minutes through programming on the keypad itself.  For full details please see the Mobeye Quad Band Alarm usage instructions.   If you need assistance finding a cellular provider please contact us and we would be happy to help.  We can recommend ones with no monthly fees and low per text messaging costs.  The unit can also be configured with customized text messages so if you have multiple units active you do not need to rely on just the from number to tell them apart.

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