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SBS Cobra Container/Truck Padlock Hasp

SBS Cobra Container/Truck Padlock Hasp
SBS Cobra Container Lock Hasp Secured with Abloy PL358 SBS Cobra Container Lock Hasp
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SBS Cobra Container Lock
Constructed of heavy cast steel and fits onto all doors with locking bars on the outside such as truck trailers or shipping containers.  The Cobra mounts over the locking bars and easily slides together to fit bars spaced between 9" and 18" apart in 7/8" increments. It does not mount permanently or require any modifications to use so it can easily be moved making it perfect for securing property in temporary or permanent situations.  The Cobra is designed to fit perfectly with the Abloy PL 358 Padlock.  The Cobra houses the lock internally ensuring it is properly guarded against malicious attacks.

Padlock Hasps

Padlock hasps are made of steel and designed to prevent easy attack of the padlock itself.  Hasps are generally mounted using through bolts or welding preventing easy removal of the hasp.   Padlock hasps help reduce the chance of bolt cutters being able to access the lock and making grinding attacks far harder. 

This product has the following related skus: CUS-SBSCOBRA
Weight 24.00 lbs
Hole Size 19mm
Material Thickness 10mm
Body Material Steel
Our price: $350.00 (313.84 or 0.011 BTC)
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