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SBS Roll Up Door Padlock Hasp

SBS Roll Up Door Padlock Hasp
SBS BDL Rollup Door Hasp Secured with Abloy PL358 SBS BDL Rollup Door Hasp Secured with Abloy PL358 Inside View SBS BDL Rollup Door Hasp
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SBS BDL Rollup Door Padlock Hasp
The BDL hasp is used to quickly and easily secure rollup doors.  It features a heavy duty steel casting with zinc anti-rust treatment and red powder coating to be both strong and durable.  This hasp comes in two halves.  The lower hasp is for housing the body of the padlock and is typically fixed in place.  It has no mounting holes as welding is the intended mounting method.  The upper hasp has a lateral crossbar that the padlock shackle rides in to secure the door. It attaches to the door using four carriage bolts or it can be welded on permanently.  When the door is rolled up, the shackle raises out of the body of the lock so a removable shackle padlock must be used (the Abloy PL 358 fits perfectly).  The padlock body is encased within the lower hasp which is then surrounded by the upper hasp, making attacks to the padlock body extremely difficult.  The shackle is extremely well guarded as well since the BDL leaves little room to maneuver any tools in the area that houses the shackle.

Padlock Hasps

Padlock hasps are made of steel and designed to prevent easy attack of the padlock itself.  Hasps are generally mounted using through bolts or welding preventing easy removal of the hasp.   Padlock hasps help reduce the chance of bolt cutters being able to access the lock and making grinding attacks far harder. 


This product has the following related skus: CUS-SBSBDL
Weight 7.00 lbs
Hole Size 18mm
Material Thickness 9mm
Body Material Steel
Our price: $200.00 (179.34 or 0.006 BTC)
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