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Samsung EZON Digital Lever Lock

Samsung EZON Digital Lever Lock
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Samsung EZON Keyless Digital Lever Lock (SHS-7020)
Please see the warnings at the bottom of this page before making any purchase decisions.
The Samsung Digital Lever Lock is a new product offering a secure keyless solution that targets not only commercial users but also residential environments.  It can be installed into an existing hole with little additional modifications and will work with any standard door.  It features either pin based authentication or RFID card authentication with support for up to 250 users (either card based or pin based).  It can be operated from the outside using a key and the key cylinder can be upgraded to a high security Abloy or BiLock cylinder. This feature rich leverset gives a wide variety of security and convenience options while remaining a very elegant and low profile piece of door hardware.


Whats Included
You get the entire unit, everything required including batteries, product manual, installation templates, and install instructions.  It comes with 4 optional RFID cards, the latch, and latch plate and box.  It also comes with a warranty card from Samsung along with support numbers and information.


Security Features

  • Pin number support up to 12 digits in length
  • Random two number press requirement(can be enabled or disabled at any time) upon activation for outside pin entry (user must hit two randomly lit up numbers upon activating the unit on the outside to ensure even wear of the keypad, avoiding a very common attack on most key pad entries).
  • Auto lockout so after 5 invalid password entries it locks out for 3 minutes.  This ensures a brute force attack cannot occur with any speed.
  • Fail secure so even if the unit is disabled or the power is drained/removed the unit will stay locked.
  • Keyed outside cylinder can be retrofit with an Abloy or Bilock KIK cylinder.


Unit Power
The unit is powered by 5 standard AA batteries.  With standard AA batteries based on 10 entries per day the batteries should last for about a year (although it will vary on exact use, environment, and batteries).  While a warning sound will sound prior to the batteries dieing to signify the need for the batteries to be replaced, the unit does have backups in-case of complete power failure.  The unit can be operated with a key from the outside and there are two contact points on the bottom of the unit that can be used to provide power to the entire device.  Any 9V battery can be touched to these contact sensors and will give the lock the power needed to allow entry.  The programming of the unit is NOT lost through power failure so all your pins will stay active and secure.  In addition for users willing to run power for the unit it can be powered by a standard 12 volt power source, in which case the batteries will act as backup power only.


Outside User Interaction
Users can authenticate with the unit by pin or by RFID card(either the included cards or standard RFID cards or RF key tags that are Milfare ISO14443A standard).   Many smart cards also transmit at 13.56 Mhz and most are compatible with the unit(including FIPS-201 standard installs), it is recommended they are tested first however(as not all smart cards are alike).  For opening the door the user first activates the unit by hitting the silver action bar.  For pin authentication pin numbers can be from 4 to 12 digits in length providing more than enough security.  The random number feature(optional)  requires the user to push two random numbers that light up upon activating the unit before the entire pin pad is shown and the user can enter their pin.  The user then enters their pin and hits the pound sign or action bar to open the door.  For RFID authentication after hitting the action bar the user simply waves their RFID card in front of the unit and the door will open (can frequently be done without taking the RFID card out of ones wallet if so desired.


User Control
Up to 250 users are supported in the system.  Each user can have either a pin number or card for authentication and can be individually added or removed.  Administrative operations require a master pin number be entered to ensure a user cannot be added just by having access to the unit.  Users are installed into one of 70 slots, which at a later time can be deleted or replaced by another user.


Secure Construction
The EZON lever lock is a very well constructed item.  With a shatter resistant, electronic discharge prevention(protection against high voltage shock attacks), weather resistance, and four redundant through door screws it is very tamper resistant.   The unit itself can be installed in a variety of environments including some of the most harsh outdoor environments out there.  All user programming, bolt control, batteries, and credential verification is done by the inside unit.  This ensures that compromise or tampering of the outside unit does not cause compromise of the entire system or the door.  The outside unit is simply a keypad and RFID reader that passes the raw data onto the inside unit which makes the decisions on what to do.  This information is transmitted over hard wire through the door (through the standard hole) out the back out of the outside unit through a metal ring to ensure it cannot be accessed or tapped from the outside or wirelessly.  The lock is fail secure so even if the batteries are drained or the unit is physically damaged the door will not automatically open. 


Unlike most electronic access control products this is a self contained unit that requires no external hardware, powering, or interfacing.  It can be installed into any standard door through the existing hole and requires little additional modification.  This makes it a much easier install that most other electronic products, and something easily done by the home owner or handy man without needing a professional to install the unit.  It does not require any special tools for install. 


While programming of the unit is fairly simple and is covered by the product manual Security Snobs is happy to program your unit for you with whatever codes or cards you like.  This will allow you to simply remove the product from the box, install it, and have it work exactly as you like without having to do additional configuration or setup.   You can always reprogram the unit at any time, but this is a free service we are happy to offer our customers.  We will contact you if you request programming so that we can understand exactly how you would like it setup.   Please note it may cause some additional delay in shipping if you would like us to program the unit.

Time of Day Lock Out
Users can be grouped into one of 5 groups, each of which can be able to only be allowed access during certain hours.


Passage Mode
The EZON leverset can be put into passage mode (not requiring pin or card to open) by administrators using the digital interface.


RFID Warning
It should be noted that RFID technology has largely been greatly compromised, a determined attacker can purchase specialized equipment that can read and replay RFID cards.   While it is unlikely that such attack would be used, especially in residential environments, Security Snobs recommends not using the RFID authentication method for the best security.   When no RFID cards are programmed into the digital lock, it removes this attack vector and makes the digital deadbolt a much more secure product.    Please note this is not a vulnerability with this product, but rather with any sort of RFID based authentication. 


Review Warning
With all products Security Snobs sells we try to review and test them prior to determining if they are a secure and viable solution to offer our customers.  We have been investigating at the EZON products for a long period of time, however due to the fact they are electronic they are somewhat harder to evaluate for security than their mechanical counterparts. Additionally, the locking cylinder used on the outside is a standard pin/tumbler lock (Schlage SC4).  This means it can be bumped or picked relatively easily.  We strongly recommend upgrading this to a high security Abloy or BiLock cylinder. We do currently believe this is a well built and secure product but will continue to review it for any possible physical or electronic security issues.  We certainly can recommend this for residential and light industrial use, and as time passes would most likely recommend it for other uses too. 

This product has the following related skus: CUS-SHS-7020
Weight 11.00 lbs
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