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Samsung Smart Door Keyless Digital Deadbolt

Samsung Smart Door Keyless Digital Deadbolt
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Samsung Smart Door Lock Deadbolt

Please see the warnings at the bottom of this page before making any purchase decisions.

The Samsung Smart Door Lock Deadbolt is a new product offering a secure keyless entry solution that targets not only commercial users but also residential environments.  It can be installed into an existing deadbolt hole with no additional modifications and will work with any standard door.  It features either PIN based authentication or RFID card authentication with support for up to 70 users (either card based, PIN based, or double authenticated).  Additionally it offers an optional keyed cylinder.  This feature rich deadbolt gives a wide variety of security and convenience options while remaining a very elegant and low profile piece of door hardware.


What’s Included?

The package includes the deadbolt unit as well as all necessary mounting screws, batteries, a product manual, installation templates, and install instructions.  Additionally it comes with 4 RFID cards, door position sensor magnet, an adjustable bolt, strike plate, and strike box.  It also comes with a warranty card from Samsung along with support numbers and information (Only authorized Samsung importer like ourselves have units covered by warranties).


Security Features 

  • Support for PIN numbers 4 to 12 digits in length as well as Double Authentication Mode (optionally requires an RFID card and a PIN in combination to open).
  • Random two number press requirement for outside PIN entry to prevent wear pattern based attacks (user must hit two randomly lit up numbers upon activating the unit from the outside to ensure even wear of the keypad and avoid a very common attack. This can be disabled at any time.).
  • Auto lockout so after 5 invalid PIN entries it locks out for 3 minutes.  This deters a brute force attack through rate limiting.
  • Nightlock feature can be enabled from the inside by holding the open/close button for 5 seconds.  It will completely disable someone from being able to open the lock from the outside even with a valid card or PIN. In addition it will cause an alarm to sound if opening from the outside is attempted.  It can be disabled by pressing the open/close button from the inside.
  • Out-of-Home security feature can be enabled from the outside by holding the home button after closing the door.  This feature sounds an alarm if the open/close button is pressed while without first deactivating it. This feature is designed so if an intruder breaks a window near the door and tries to reach in to open the lock, the alarm will sound and discourage further activity. This feature automatically deactivates when a valid PIN or card is used to open the door.
  • Fail secure so even if the unit is disabled or the power is drained/removed the unit will stay locked.


Magnetic Sensor Automatic Locking Feature

The unit features a magnetic sensor for the inside of the door that detects when the door is closed and automatically locks the door. This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time.  The sensor extends out the side of the unit and interacts with a small magnet that attaches to your door jamb.  After the door is closed, the unit waits two seconds and will then automatically lock the door.  Re-opening the door within two seconds will prevent the unit from automatically locking, allowing you to open the door without worry.  The sensor is also used for basic alarm functions.  If the deadbolt is somehow bypassed and the door is opened, an alarm will sound once the magnetic sensor detects the break.


Unit Power

The unit is powered by 4 AA batteries.  Standard alkaline AA batteries should last for about a year (Estimate based on 10 PIN entries per day. Note that battery life will vary based on usage pattern, environment, and other factors).  When the batteries are nearing depletion, the unit will play a warning sound to indicate that the batteries need to be replaced.  If the batteries are completely drained, the unit has a set of electrical contact points on the outside that can be used to power the unit with a standard nine volt battery.  The programming of the unit is NOT lost through power failure so all your PIN codes will stay active and secure. Lastly, the unit has a thumbturn on the inside as well as an optional keyed cylinder on the outside that can always be used to open the deadbolt. 

Keyed Cylinder Option
It should be noted that the optional keyed cylinder is NOT a high security cylinder and is vulnerable to some attacks attacks. You can get the lock with no cylinder or a high security cylinder if preferred. A high security Abloy Retrofit KIK Cylinder (model CY406) or BiLock Retrofit KIK Cylinder  (model 9310) cylinder can be retrofit into the unit and will be installed free of charge if purchased with the unit.


Outside User Interaction

Users can authenticate with the unit by PIN code, RFID card, or both.  To open the door the user first activates the unit by touching the screen.  The user can then enter PIN information or touch an RFID card to the screen to open the lock.  PIN numbers can be anywhere from 4 to 12 digits in length to provide more than enough security.  PIN entry starts with two random numbers that light up when the unit is activated (optional, to prevent wear patterns).  After entering these two digits, all the numbers on the screen illuminate and the user can enter their PIN followed by the asterisk/star button to open the door.  The unit can be locked upon leaving by simply touching the screen on the outside (or allowing the unit to automatically lock using the magnetic sensor).  On the inside there is an open/close button along with a thumbturn that can be used in-case of emergency or power failure.


RFID Card Compatibility

The unit is designed to work with the included RFID cards as well as other standard RFID cards or RF key tags that are Milfare ISO14443A standard.  Many smart cards also transmit at 13.56 Mhz and most are compatible with the unit (including FIPS-201 standard installs).  It is recommended that cards are tested first as not all smart cards are alike.


User Control

Up to 70 users are supported in the system.  Each user can have either a PIN number, RFID card, or both for authentication and can be individually added or removed.  Administrative operations require a master PIN code be entered to ensure standard users cannot add users or change settings just by having access to the unit. 


Secure Construction

The Samsung Smart Door Lock Deadbolt is a very well-constructed item.  It is highly impact resistant and uses three redundant through-door screws for added tamper resistance.  It has electronic discharge prevention technology to prevent damage from high voltage shock attacks.  The exterior is constructed with a metal housing and the whole unit uses a rubber backing to increase weather resistance. The unit itself can be installed in a variety of conditions including some of the harshest outdoor environments imaginable.  All critical functions including user programming, bolt control, and credential verification is done by the inside unit.  This ensures that tampering of the outside unit does not compromise the entire system or the door.  The outside unit is simply a touchscreen and RFID reader that passes the raw data onto the inside unit which then makes the decisions on what to do.  This information is transmitted via a small wire bundle that that connects the inside and outside of the device together through the deadbolt hole in the door. The wire runs through a protected channel to ensure it cannot be accessed or tapped from the outside or wirelessly.  The lock is designed to fail securely so even if the batteries are drained or the unit is physically damaged the door will not automatically open.



Unlike most electronic access control products this is a self-contained unit that requires no external hardware, power, or interface.  It can be installed into any standard door through the deadbolt hole and requires no additional holes to be drilled or other modifications to the door.  This makes it a much easier install than most other electronic products, and something easily done by the home owner or a handy man without needing a professional installer.  It does not require any special tools to install.   The unit has a magnetic sensor that is used to automatically lock the unit and detect unauthorized opening.  We have found it is somewhat difficult to attach this sensor to the main unit as the connector is fairly small and may require tweezers and fine motor skills.  We are happy to attach it for you free of charge (just select it from the options below).   For full installation instructions please see the Samsung Smart Door Lock Installation Instructions.



While programming of the unit is fairly simple and instructions are included in the product manual, Security Snobs is happy to program your unit for you with whatever codes or cards you like.  This will allow you to simply remove the product from the box, install it, and have it work exactly as you like without having to do additional configuration or setup.  You can reprogram the unit at any time, but this is a free service we are happy to offer our customers.  We will contact you if you request programming so that we can understand exactly how you would like it setup.   Please note a possible delay in shipping if you would like Security Snobs to program the unit.   For full details on programming the unit please see the Samsung Smart Door Lock Installation Instructions.


RFID Warning

It should be noted that RFID technology has been compromised.  A determined attacker can purchase specialized equipment that can read and replay RFID cards.  Please note this is not a vulnerability with this product, but rather with any sort of RFID based authentication. While it is unlikely that such attack would be used (especially in residential environments), for the best security, we recommend not relying solely on RFID authentication.  When no RFID cards are programmed into the digital lock, it removes this attack vector.  Additionally, this unit can nullify this attack by requiring double authentication using an RFID card and a PIN code. 

This product has the following related skus: CUS-SHS-3322, CUS-SHS-3120, CUS-SHS-3420, CUS-SHS-3421, CUS-SHS-3121, CUS-CUS-SHS-3322, CUS-CUS-SHS-3323, CUS-CUS-SHS-3323-R
Weight 5.50 lbs
I/C Core Yes
Drill Protection No
Accessable Screws Behind Cover
Finishes Black/Silver
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Keyed Cylinder
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