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Stanton Concepts OMNI-LINK Chain Puck Padlock Hasp

Stanton Concepts OMNI-LINK Chain Puck Padlock Hasp
Stanton Concepts OMNI-LINK Puck Hasp Profile View Stanton Concepts OMNI-LINK Puck Hasp Front View Stanton Concepts OMNI-LINK Puck Hasp Bottom View Stanton Concepts OMNI-LINK Puck Hasp Rear View Mounting Plate for OMNI-LINK Puck Hasp OMNI-LINK Puck Hasp with ABUS Chain OMNI-LINK Puck Hasp with ABUS Chain and Abloy Puck Padlock
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OMNI-LINK Chain Solution
The OMNI-LINK chain solution is a unique solution to chain / cable security.   The traditional weak link in any chain/cable is the padlock shackle itself.  The OMNI-LINK makes unique use of a puck form factor padlock to shift the weak link back to the chain/cable itself.  Frequently used on fences, containers, equipment and motorcycles, the OMNI-LINK is a quick solution to adding security to your chain/cable setup.  Our Abloy Protec Puck Padlock is fully compatible with the OMNI-LINK.   The OMNI-LINK is constructed from high strength stainless steel alloy and can optionally be mounted using bolting, welding, or anchoring into a variety of items.  

  • High Strength Stainless Steel Construction
  • 15,000 LBS Tensile Strength
  • Multiple Mounting Options including bolting, welding, and anchoring to concrete
  • Lock Body protects mounting hardware from attack
  • Accepts chains with mounting loops from 1/4" to 3/8" thick


Optional Mounting Plate
The OMNI-LINK mounting plate is designed to allow the use of the hasp in a variety of situations that may not be easily possible otherwise.   It features both through holes and threaded holes for bolts and the plate can be welded or free standing.  This allows for applications where both sides of the hasp may be exposed.  For example, if using the product in the back of a truck to secure lawn care or similar equipment.  Normally if you were to try and mount the hasp to the top rack you would bolt through the rack into standard nuts.  An attacker who comes by would be able to simply unscrew the nuts and move the hasp.  With the mounting plate the bolts can be screwed into the plate itself and it cannot be unscrewed from either side.  They cannot rotate the plate (as they could a standard nut) as the other two bolts hold it in place, in addition they cannot try to back out the bolts as the heads would be between the puck hasp and the puck itself.

Stanton Concepts

Stanton Concepts is a company founded in 1987 on innovative security solutions.  Originally focused on large container security during transportation, Stanton Concepts now makes many products that solve other security needs.   Their revolutionary RKS cylinder features an unprecedented level of security in a form factor that can fit virtually any current locking solution.  Stanton Concepts has more details online at http://www.StantonConcepts.us on their products.  

This product has the following related skus: SC-OMNILINK
Weight 2.00 lbs
Hole Size 11mm
Material Thickness 6mm
Body Material Steel
Our price: $50.00 (44.83 or 0.002 BTC)
Mounting Plate
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