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Stanton Concepts PrivaSeal Tamper Indicative Seals 20 Pack

Stanton Concepts PrivaSeal Tamper Indicative Seals 20 Pack
Stanton Concepts PrivaSeals Stanton Concepts PrivaSeal Tamper Indicitave Seal (Padlock Style) Stanton Concepts PrivaSeal Tamper Indicitave Seal (Pull Tight Style)
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Stanton Concepts PrivaSeal Tamper Indicative Seals
PrivaSeal Tamper Indicative Seals are an economical solution to provide peace of mind to those concerned about unauthorized container entry. Great for travelers and multi custody situations. The PrivaSeal seals can be used anywhere a standard padlock would be used and offer simple security.  The seals cannot be removed or opened without breaking them which should discourage tampering or theft.  Each seal is uniquely numbered to ensure it cannot simply be replaced with an identical seal.   They are completely airport and TSA friendly and can be broken open by hand without requiring any tools (through twisting or snapping).  Seals are red in color to allow easy identification and can be secured into place in seconds without any tools.  Useful in many situations including:

  • Luggage and Air Travel
  • Camera Bags
  • Computers
  • School Bags and Lockers
  • Liquor Cabinets
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • Food / Beverage Storage
  • Hotel Bag Checks
  • Pelican Cases
  • Any other multi-custody situation

The PrivaSeal Seals are available in the familiar straight style or the smaller padlock style.   


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Normally our orders under $75 have a $5 surcharge to cover expenses associated with most of our other products.  We are happy to waive this cost for customers just buying PrivaSeals.    To take advantage of this please ensure your order is under $75 (over $75 do not have the $5 charge) and only contains PrivaSeals.  Enter coupon code "PRIVSEAL" on the cart page or on the final page of checkout where you enter your credit card information.  Note shipping will still show the $5 surcharge but the order total itself will now be discounted down by $5.


Stanton Concepts

Stanton Concepts is a company founded in 1987 on innovative security solutions.  Originally focused on large container security during transportation, Stanton Concepts now makes many products that solve other security needs.   Their revolutionary RKS cylinder features an unprecedented level of security in a form factor that can fit virtually any current locking solution.  Stanton Concepts has more details online at http://www.StantonConcepts.us on their products.  

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