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Abloy Brand Info

Abloy has a long tradition of creating some of the hardest to attack locks in the world. They are respected worldwide as one of the best high security lines and are heavily used in Europe. Abloy has had several previous lines including the Classic (1907), Profile, DiskLock, DiskLock Pro, Exec, Protec, and Protec2. Even Abloy's oldest generation, the Classic is still an extremely hard lock for lock manipulators to defeat. Virtually no other high security lock has the reputation and time tested history that Abloy carries.

Drill Resistance

Most Abloy locks are made of hardened steel and feature thick anti-drill plates. Many other lock manufacturers use brass bodied locks with hardened inserts. Abloy takes drill and grinding protection very seriously and instead makes many of their locks completely out of hardened steel. Due to the unique disk design of Abloy locks many of their locks also have a fully free spinning anti-drill plate. These plates can turn 360 degrees so when hit with a drill bit they will just spin in place rather than allow penetration. In addition, Abloy locks feature an anti-pull sidebar, various steel components, and the most likely to be attacked locks feature a 1/4" anti-drill plate in front of the cylinder. It is hard to find a locking product that offers more drill protection than Abloy locks.

Environmental Reliability

Abloy's disk detainer locks are known to be self-cleaning. This means that with any dirt or grime that gets into the lock will easily fall out especially when the key is inserted and removed. This helps to make Abloy one of the lowest maintenance and most reliable brands on the market. Unlike pin tumbler locks, Abloy locks do not feature any exposed springs or small spots for dirt and dust. Abloy locks are the perfect fit for extremely harsh conditions with salt, sand, dust and dirt and are virtually unmatched in reliability. For extremely harsh conditions Abloy features the Super Weather Proof (SWP) line of padlocks that are IP68 certified (the highest IP rating) for protection against dust, dirt, salt, liquids, and more for extended periods of time and under extended pressure. Any Abloy padlock available in SWP will show this option on the product page.

Order Times

Security Snobs stocks every item that Abloy makes. All Abloy orders are assembled on site and most ship out within one day. All locks are assembled to order by a Security Snobs professional to the customer's specifications.

Abloy Protec2

The Abloy Protec2 is the latest generation lock from Abloy Finland. The Protec2 is primarily a patent extension of the successful Abloy Protec lock. Abloy Protec and Abloy Protec2 locks are extremely similar with only minor technical changes within the lock itself. The Abloy Protec2 features a movable element in the key to reduce the chances of counterfeit keys being created (using 3D printers or similar technology), while the new patent offers legal protection against 3rd party blanks. The actual pick-resistance of the cylinder remains virtually unchanged from the Abloy Protec.

Protec2 - The New Patent

Any lock that can be considered high security should have a currently valid patent to prevent third party key manufacturers from legally producing key blanks. This is important to ensure that key control is maintained by restricting the flow of blanks only to authorized dealers. The current Protec patent is valid until 2019 while the new Abloy Protec2 patent is valid until 2031. While officially the Protec patent will expire in 2019, Abloy has a history of post-patent key blank control with their other product lines. Even the Abloy DiskLock series, which came out in the 1980s, does not have third party key machines or blanks available. This makes it highly unlikely that third party Protec blanks will be generally available even once the patent has expired.

Protec2 - The Changes

The Protec2 cylinders do feature some changes from the original Protec. The disk controller at the front of the lock has been upgraded to hardened steel in order to further enhance the drill resistance of the cylinder. The Protec2 also features a new anti-wear system to ensure that extremely high usage keys do not wear the same as the original Protec keys can (after tens of thousands of uses keys can wear at the tip). Padlock and other industrial cylinders now also feature the completely free spinning anti-drill plate to further increase drill resistance. As mentioned above, the Protec2 also includes a movable element (a ball bearing) in the key that helps prevent the key from being cast or copied through unauthorized means.

Protec2 - Our Recommendations

While the Protec2 does have some enhancements over the original Protec, there are no major enhancements to security or reliability in the new generation lock. For most customers the Protec system should continue to meet their needs. For customers extremely worried about possible key blank compromise, or for customers looking for the most possible drill resistance, the Protec2 may be useful to you. If you already have an Abloy Protec system there is virtually no reason to upgrade your system to Protec2. If you have any questions about the Abloy Protec2 system, please contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.

Abloy Sentry

The Sentry line is a relatively new line initially introduced in 2010. It is similar to the original classic system featuring few moving components that are extremely reliable and very durable. The Sentry system is a lower cost medium security lock offering key control and resistance to manipulation. Primarily designed for OEM manufactures and custom devices the Sentry line builds on Abloy's great durability record to offer a lock with unbeatable reliability. However, its design uses fewer and larger components so the Sentry line does not offer the extreme security of the Protec lines but instead offers great environmental resiliency. The Sentry keys are extremely durable and thicker than other Abloy keys to ensure they do not break or bend easily. Unfortunately many websites sell the Sentry line direct to consumers and don't differentiate the fact that the Sentry is Abloy's lowest security line. Sentry model numbers generally end in a B so an Abloy PL330B or PL340B are Sentry verse Protec (ends in N) or Protec2 (ends in T).