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Abloy Deadbolt Door Requirements

Abloy Deadbolt Products work with most standard residential and commercial doors with holes that are 1 and 3/4" to 2 and 1/8" in diameter that are drilled for deadbolts (most doors made within the last 30 years will require no modifications to the door). There are a few details you should be aware of on Abloy Deadbolts:

Door Thickness
Doors that are 2 1/4" to 1 1/2" thick work out of the box, doors that are 1 and 3/8" or thinner require a special spacer ring that you can select during checkout. Frequently the only doors that are 1 and 3/8" are those that are interior residential doors. Abloy locks can also work on doors that are under 5" thick but may require longer screws/tailpieces to do so. Abloy deadbolts can work on such a wide variety of door thicknesses but depending on the thickness of the door you may have to cut the tailpieces as needed. The tailpieces are flat metal pieces that stick out the back of the lock and interact with the bolt. If you have a thinner door you may have to trim these to the proper length. This can be done with metal snips, a hack saw, or pliers (the pieces are scored in multiple spots on one side to make snapping them to the proper length easier). If you have a double cylinder deadbolt or lockable thumbturn deadbolt it is suggested you try trimming the outside tailpiece first, as if something goes wrong it is easiest to replace. If something does happen to the tailpieces, and you need new ones, just contact us and we are happy to send you some.

Bolt Holes
On some doors (perticularlly much older doors) the hole in the side of the door for the bolt is not deep enough for a full sized bolt. If when the bolt is inserted the back of it hits the door before it is flush with the side of the door then the bolt hole will need to be drilled or filed out slightly further (generally less than 1/2") to properly fit.

The Abloy standard bolt includes a double thick faceplate. Most doors are properly chiseled for a double faceplate (as normal bolts generally have one built in and one that gets screwed on) however it is possible you will need to chisel some additional wood to allow the bolt to fit properly. Also please keep in mind the width of the faceplate is 1 and 1/8" and some older doors are only chiseled for 1" faceplates. If this is the case you will have to use a chisel or file to remove some additional material on the sides to let it fit properly.