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Abloy Mini Hasp Padlock Hasp

Abloy Mini Hasp Padlock Hasp
Abloy Mini Padlock Hasp Abloy Mini Padlock Hasp Separated Abloy Mini Padlock Hasp Front View Abloy Mini Padlock Hasp Bottom View Abloy Mini Padlock Hasp Mounting Holes
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Abloy's Mini Hasps are best suited for their PL 321 padlock.  They are mainly meant as a mounting option and do not protect the padlock from attack.  They feature 12mm shackle holes.

Padlock Hasps

Padlock hasps are made of steel and designed to prevent easy attack of the padlock itself.  Hasps are generally mounted using through bolts or welding preventing easy removal of the hasp.   Padlock hasps help reduce the chance of bolt cutters being able to access the lock and making grinding attacks far harder. 


Abloy is one of the most reputable high security lock manufacturers in the world. Abloy is based out of Finland and their current top of the line lock system is the Abloy Protec/Protec2 system. The Abloy Protec system came out in 2001 and features a unique rotating disk based system with a disk blocking anti pick system that is unique to them. It is completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant (no known picking attacks have been successful). It is well respected as one of the top of the line high security locks in the world. It has one of the largest key spaces of any high security system with over 2 billion possible keys. Virtually all Abloy locks can be keyed to work with the same set of keys. The Abloy Protec2 was introduced in December of 2012 and it makes some refinements to the Abloy Protec system. The primary features include minor additional drill resistance, harder to copy keys with an interactive element and an extended patent through 2031. To order locks in the Protec2 system select “Protec 2 Elite” under key profile on the product options. For more details please see our Abloy Brand Information page.


Installation Instructions
The product can be bolted or welded into place, for details please see the Abloy Mini Hasp instructions.

This product has the following related skus: ABL-PL204, ABL-PL204T, ABL-PL204N, ABL-PL204C, ABL-PL204E, ABL-PL204D, ABL-PL204C, ABL-PL204P, ABL-PL204B
Weight 2.00 lbs
Hole Size 12mm
Material Thickness 4mm
Body Material Hardened Steel
Our price: $60.00 (53.80 or 0.002 BTC)
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