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DJArmor Gold EZArmor Combo Kit for Double Doors

DJArmor Gold EZArmor Combo Kit for Double Doors
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Please note this product is only for double doors, if you have a standard door with and not a double door please see our EZArmor Combo Kit for Standard Doors


Gold EZ Armor Combo Kit for Double Doors
This great combo product includes the Jamb Shield, the Door Shield, and the Hinge Shield all in one great package.   This will reinforce all 3 primary weaknesses in most doors.  Double doors are extremely hard to secure given the fact there is no door jamb and no strength at the center of the doors.  To secure double doors the unique Jamb Armor product reinforces the top and the bottom of the doors along with the locks themselves.  A Jamb Shield like product is installed at the top of the door for added reinforcement.  To secure the bottom of the door a Double Door Night Lock product is used.   It can be easily slipped into place at night or when leaving (through another door) at the bottom of the double doors to complete the protection.  The Night Lock product base plate is screwed into the floor in front of the door.  It provides a very low profile way to then slip the body of the night lock into place for complete protection. This combination makes double doors far stronger than normal and much more resistant to force attacks.

The jamb shield is used to secure the doors at the top. It has a 45 degree bend to maintain stiffness and is made of 16-gauge galvanized steel with a powder coated finish.  The door shields wrap around the edge of the door to aid in preventing the door from splitting at the weak point where the hole is drilled for the lock. They do not require removing the locks to install. The hinge shields attach over the trim and prevent splitting or other damage caused by kicking or other force attacks. Finally, the Nightlock slides into place to secure your doors at the bottom. EZ Armor is available in white, aged bronze, and satin nickel finishes.


DJArmor Jamb Shield
The Jamb Shield product adds extreme strength to the traditionally weakest part of the door/door frame, the door jamb.   When an attacker tries to kick or force a door the door jamb itself is almost always the first part of the door to give out.   In a traditional door setup when the door is kicked much of that force is transferred directly to the bolt of the deadbolt, which in turn puts a large amount of pressure on a small part of the door jamb.   The Jamb Shield is a 48" tall piece of metal that wraps your existing door jamb and then using 8x 3" screws attaches itself through to the stud behind your door jamb.  Unlike other door jamb reinforcement products that simply go on the outside of your door jamb, the Jamb Shield wraps the entire jamb in a metal reinforced sleeve that prevents splitting and helps distribute force across not just the door jamb but the stud behind it.   The force from attack is then absorbed by the Jamb Shield and the stud behind the door jamb making it able to take far more force than an unprotected door jamb.

DJArmor Door Shield

The Door Shield product is meant to help prevent wood or hollow metal doors from splitting or bending due to physical attack.   It should be noted that in most cases the Door Shield should not be used without the Jamb Shield product as most door jambs will give out before the door itself unless you have a metal door frame.  When a door is kicked or shoved all of the force is applied to the hinges and the deadbolt itself (in addition to the door jamb, as covered above).  With the hinges it is generally divided among them, and so they are more resistant to failing than the deadbolt.   With all the force on the bolt of the deadbolt wood or metal doors will frequently give way as the bolt forces its way through the door.   Once the door gives it can be opened with relative ease and your security is compromised.  While metal doors may look strong most are hollow with wood, foam, or air at the core making them as weak or weaker than solid wood equivalents.  This is where the door shield steps in.  By wrapping the most vulnerable part of the door in a piece of metal it is far harder for the bolt to get pushed through the door, and the door itself will take much more physical force.

Door Shield Variants

The Door Shield comes in two styles:
The standard profile style has a modern design that goes around the door and comes in two pieces one for the knob and one of the deadbolt.   It is installed under the knob/lever and the deadbolt. The standard style comes in three finishes, white (which can be painted), satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze.
The EZ profile style provides similar resistance to the door splitting/bending but only wraps the very edge of the door making it nearly invisible.  It comes in three finishes, white, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.

As with the Jamb Armor, the Door Shield also requires a 1 and 3/4" thick door. To install the Door Shield you simply must unscrew the knob and deadbolts on your door, remove both sides, slip the Door Shield sleeve over the door, and reattach your knob and deadbolt.  The EZ Door shield variant can just be screwed onto the side of the door without having to remove the locks from the door.

DJArmor Hinge Shield

The Hinge Shield guards the final primary weak point of a normal door when physically attacked, the hinges.   The Platinum Hinge Shield wraps around the door jamb on the hinge side of the door to help the wood around the hinges avoid splitting. The Gold EZArmor Hinge Shield is similar but only screws on top of the wood around the hinge.    The full Door Reinformcent kits come with two hinge shield pieces that go on the middle and bottom hinges and use 3" screws to screw threw to the door jamb and into the stud behind it.  It does NOT require removal of the door to be installed, simply temporary removal of the molding around the door (for the Platinum variant).  The EZArmor varient does not require the molding removed from around the door for install.



EZ Armor is the easier companion to the Door Jamb Armor Platinum product line.  It is a screw-on-top solution that reinforces all the weak points of your door, the jamb, the lock area, and the hinges. It can be easily installed by the home owner in as little as 30 minutes.  The Platinum DJ Armor solution requires the molding around the door to be removed (for existing doors) and must be matched with the thickness of the jamb.  The Gold EZ Armor kit however is a screw on top solution that while not offering quite as much protection as the wrap-around Platinum kits provide, it is much easier to install for existing doors.    On new doors the platinum kit generally adds only around 15 minutes to the install time.  If you are installing on an existing door and would prefer not to remove the molding around your door the EZ Armor kit is the best protection we have found.



DJArmor / Armor Concepts is a company formed out of the basic desire to provide true home security on common entry doors. They looked at the existing solutions and found them to be inadequate at fully addressing the true vulnerabilities.  They offer a reinforcement product for standard doors and a unique sliding glass door lock for sliding doors.  With two primary product lines, their Platinum wrap around solution and their Gold screw-on-top solution no matter what level of installation difficulty you are looking for they have you covered.


All DJArmor products are available in white can be painted or refinished.  It is suggested to do this prior to installation if desired.   Once installed they can then be touched up if needed.


Installation Notes
The door shield is fairly straightforward in installation, however the Jamb and Hinge Shield require a bit more preparation for existing installs (for new installs it is a fairly straightforward process).  It should be noted that the door never needs to be removed from its hinges in order to install any DJArmor product.  The EZArmor variant found here is a screw-on-top product meaning you do not need to remove your molding or go through a lengthy install process.  Installation generally can be done in under an hour even for someone who does not frequently use drills/screw drivers.


 Shipping Cost
Due to the size of the Jamb Armor Combo Kit it ships separately from any other items in your order and only qualifies for free shipping on orders over $500.  The shipping cost for the Jamb Armor anywhere in the continental United States is no more than $6-14 for ground shipping you will see exact shipping during checkout. 


 Door Requirements
The below requirements are fairly standard for any modern door:
1 and 3/4" Thick Door

Please see the EZArmor Double Door installation instructions for more details.

This product has the following related skus: DJA-KIT-DDR-1000X, DJA-KIT-DDR-10001, DJA-KIT-DDR-10002, DJA-KIT-DDR-10003, DJA-KIT-DDR-10000
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