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Drumm Geminy Shield Deadbolt Guard

Drumm Geminy Shield Deadbolt Guard
Geminy Shield Deadbolt Guard
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The Deadbolt Geminy Shield
One of the strongest Geminy Shield configurations, the Geminy Shield replaces the outer ring of the Abloy deadbolt.  It uses 5 strong steel bolts through the door (4 on the lockable thumbturn deadbolts) to secure itself in place. 


Geminy Shield

The Geminy Shield is the ultimate physical protection enhancement for any Protec lock.  It is attached to the outside of the door and provides great resistance to physical attack.    The Abloy Protec is a great product and features outstanding security however, as with most common locks, it is still vulnerable to vandalism and large power tools and extended attacks.  


How The Shield Works
The shield installs in front of your current lock and bolts through to the other side with thick hardened steel bolts.  It is made of two primary pieces, the part bolted to the door and a sliding cover piece.  To slide the cover piece you push the Geminy key against into the dimples on the front of the shield.  You can then push the cover down revealing the Protec lock.  Once done just slide the cover back up and your lock is protected.


What It Protects Against
The Geminy Shield is unique in that it features no keyway, and it utilizes multiple hardened steel bolts to fend of pulling, breaking, and wrenching attacks.   It also features over 1/4" thick(7mm) hardened tempered steel sliding protection plate in front of your lock cylinder.   With no keyway normal vandalism like gluing, gum, or broken pieces cannot get put into your lock.  This ensures that not only can no one else open your lock, but that you will always be able to.    If someone tries to apply a substance onto the front of your Geminy Shield it is very easy to just scrape it off without worry of damaging the lock or losing any functionality.  In addition the Geminy Shield as a large quantity of metal in front of your standard cylinder that would have to be drilled or grinded against prior to them being able to attack.   The Geminy Shield has been attacked by many professionals and in the field and is not able to only resist attack for long periods of time, but also keeps functioning. 


The Ultimate Security
The Abloy Protec and Geminy Shield are the ultimate combination in physical security.   They not only offer supreme resistance to physical attack they employ two completely different locking mechanisms.  This ensures that even if the Geminy Shield or the Protec can one day be picked, it will most likely be far longer before they can both be picked.  This two factor form of defense, or defense in layers, helps provide you with the ultimate security for sensitive applications.

For more details on the Geminy Shield we recommend Han Fey's Geminy Shield Article.

Geminy Key Types

Geminy Locks have three different keys.  The standard Abloy key, the Geminy key, and the combo key.  The Abloy key is the same key comes with your Abloy cylinder and can be used to unlock the cylinder once you have opened the Geminy Shield.  The Geminy key is a small key for the Geminy Shield that is slightly bigger than the head of an Abloy key.  It is able to open the Geminy Shield and then you can use your Abloy key to open the cylinder itself.  The combo key is a combined Abloy and Geminy key that is only slightly bigger than the Abloy key itself.  One side of the key head is able to open the Geminy Shield and then you can use the shaft of the key to open the cylinder.

Geminy Door Requirements

The Geminy Shield does require additional holes be drilled through the door for the mounting bolts.  In most door this should not pose a problem however you should ensure you can do this.  In addition the Geminy Shield only works with Abloy Deadbolt and Euro profile locks, not our BiLock product line.  In addition it is important to consider the fact the top of the shield must be able to slide.  While it can be possible to mount it upside down if needed it does need to have the proper clearance in one direction.  Included with the Geminy Shield is a drill template outlining the additional holes to drill fro the geminy shield. 

  For the Abloy double cylinder deadbolt all 3 additional bolt holes can be used with the Geminy Shield.  For the Abloy lockable thumbturn deadbolt you will not be able to use the top bolt hole as the thumbturn indicator will interfear with this bolt.  You still have 4 other bolts securing the Geminy Shield (2 standard bolts 2 additional shield bolts) to the door so you will not have an issue with the shield being securely attached.  The drill template is included below but due to the inability for all printers to properly print exact scale we do not suggest using this for the actual install as it may not properly have printed.  A proper template is included with the product.  For reference or checking for proper space you can download the Geminy Shield Deadbolt Install Instructions.    Remember for the Abloy lockable thumbturn deadbolt you do not need to drill the top hole.

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