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EVVA Dealer Cutaway Kit

EVVA Dealer Cutaway Kit
EVVA Large Dealer Cutaway Kit EVVA Small Dealer Cutaway Kit EVVA MCS Euro Cutaway EVVA 3KS Euro Cutaway EVVA ICS Euro Cutaway EVVA DPI Euro Cutaway EVVA EPS Euro Cutaway EVVA Dealer Kit 3KS Padlock and Key
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EVVA Dealer Cutaway Kits
Available in two varieties, these kits feature cutaways of EVVA's current product lines. Each cutaway shows of the unique functionality of one of their products.  The kits come in an aluminum case with foam padding to ensure protection during transportation. The large kit comes with five double sided euro profile cylinders (3KS Plus, DPI, EPS, ICS, MCS), one padlock (3KS Plus, keyed alike to the 3KS Plus euro cylinder), three varieties of thumbturn handles and one extra key with a plastic head for the 3KS cylinders. The small kit includes four double sided euro profile cylinders (3KS Plus, EPS, ICS, MCS), one thumbturn, and an extra key with a plastic head for the 3KS Plus cylinder. 


The 3KS Plus lock features a 3 track locking system along with top profile grooves for additional key verification.  Two tracks are cut by the factory, with the 3rd being cut by the individual 3KS dealer.  The 3KS internally uses sliders and sidebars for security.  The cutaway has one sidebar removed to allow for easy viewing of the sliders themselves.  The 3KS Plus features a non-parallel contoured double curve on the key tip in order to hinder illegal production of duplicate keys. 


The MCS lock is one of the most secure locks in the world and one of the hardest non-electronic keys in the world to duplicate.  It uses 4 magnets each which are polarized separately on top and on bottom creating 8 unique magnetic fields.  This is paired with top and bottom sliders that make for an exceptionally secure cylinder.   The cutaway has a very nice view of the rotors on one side of the lock that rotate to allow the cylinder to be turned. 


The ICS lock uses a row of 5 sliders on each side of the key as well as a centered row of 3 split pins with three possible tracking points each. The sliders on each side ride in V-shaped grooves cut into the sides of the key and allow a pair of sidebars to drop when raised to the proper height.  The cutaway has one sidebar removed to allow for easy viewing of the sliders themselves.


These cylinders are pin tumblers that use a sidebar for additional profile verification allowing for key security and additional master keying in large systems. The keys have small cutouts in the sides to allow for profile checking. The key profile sidebar must be properly positioned or a trap pin at the top of the cylinder will fire and prevent any further rotation or removal of the key.



EVVA is one of the top high security manufacturers in the world with several different active high security systems and is based out of Austria. We carry their premium MCS (Magnetic Code System) product line featuring a nearly un-duplicable key and an extremely secure cylinder with both an advanced magnetic and mechanical slider security system. MCS locks are completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant (no known picking attacks have been successful). All EVVA locks and keys are factory assembled which is great for key control and security, but also means most EVVA products may have to come direct from the factory. All MCS locks can be keyed to work with the same set of keys. For more details please see our EVVA Brand Information page.

EVVA Shipping
We normally stock EVVA locks in the default configuration (default number of keys, default finish, keyed different, etc).  Other options/keying/numbers of keys may have to come from the factory (contact us as some items are on hand).   Factory orders are generally done quarterly, with our next scheduled order in February 2017, due to quantity demands we may place an order before then.  If you need something urgently please give us a call and we can let you know availability (and the factory can always do custom runs but they incur additional shipping charges).  Factory orders are generally filled within 3-4 weeks of us placing them.

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