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Getting Started

Welcome to Security Snobs. We are here to provide you with high security products and information to help you improve the security of your home or business. We feature several different pages on lock information ,but figuring out where to start can be confusing. If you are unfamiliar with the advantages of high security locks, we first suggest visiting our The Bumping Threat page, which highlights one of the biggest problems with non-high security locks. If you have an existing lock you are looking to replace but are not sure what type of lock it is, try our Types of Locks page to identify what type of lock you have. When looking to improve your security we recommend starting with our high security deadbolt or mortise/rim products (depending which is needed for your situation). We offer several brands of high security products. Our Abloy product line offers extreme force and pick resistance along with extreme durability. Our BiLock product line also offers excellent security in combination with a quick-change core feature unique to their entire product range. We also carry the EVVA MCS a high security magnetic lock with a great reputation and the best key control in the mechanical market. For more details about these brands and others, see our Choosing A Brand page. Finally, we recommend looking at The Snobs Difference page which features some details about what sets us apart from other dealers. If you have any questions feel free to call us at our toll free number (888-560-9947), or contact us through our contact page.
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