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This page contains shipping details including: country specific shipping information, Fedex Express special services, and our shipping costs, times, and packaging policies.

At Security Snobs, customer service is our #1 priority. We understand that shipping and packaging is an important part of that. We ship internationally and have multiple locations around the world to help keep shipping costs low. We have two locations in the United States (Utah and Washington) and one location in Europe (The Netherlands), which allows for very fast delivery times to most places. We do not pad our shipping costs and always try to offer shipping at the lowest rates and as fast as possible. Depending on the customer needs, we can ship using a variety of services from basic ground shipping to next day early AM service (or international priority). If there is an error in the online shopping cart shipping calculations, we will make sure to fix it prior to processing your order. If you have any questions, please contact us.

United States Shipping

Our shopping cart will calculate the shipping cost for you during checkout (prior to payment processing), and will give you the ability to choose what shipping method you would prefer. The shipping rates in the shopping cart are calculated based on our US distribution points, so your rates should be correct. All orders over $300 qualify for free Fedex shipping within the continental United States, and discounted FedEx Express shipping (discounted per $300 of order total). If you have any questions, please contact us.

European Shipping

We have a facility in The Netherlands that ships our Abloy/Geminy products to the region and select other worldwide locations. The shopping cart software does not properly estimate the rates or transit time from this facility, so please choose "Manual Shipping" during checkout. We will properly calculate the shipping time and cost, and contact you before we process your order. European shipping rates begin as low as $15.

International (Non-US / Non-Europe) Shipping

We have large discounts with FedEX and pass these prices on to our international customers. In addition international customers enjoy $10 worth of shipping credit for every $300 of merchandise sold. We ship internationally with both FedEX Express and USPS (US Post Office). We can ship most of our padlocks anywhere in the world within 3-5 days for $25 USD through USPS Express Mail international. Fedex Priority International rates start at only $37 USD to many countries. None of our shipping methods have any brokerage fees but your local taxes (or depending on country) import duty may apply. For larger orders you can select "manual shipping" and we will compute the shipping by hand to get the best price possible.

Shipping Costs

Please see the sections above about destination specific cost details. Our shipping rates are some of the lowest around. We have a very generous Fedex discount, and we pass that discount directly on to you. All Fedex Express shipments are generally date and time guaranteed; if your package is late contact us and we can file a refund request with the carrier.

Processing Time

We ship and fill orders almost every day of the year. When you place an order for a product that just comes off our shelf, we are usually able to ship it the same day its processed (assuming the order is placed early enough in the day). In most cases the product is customized to fit your needs. Keys need to be cut and locks need to be keyed to match. As long as we have the item in stock, it generally will ship out next business day after we process the order. Many times these items will ship the same day, but as an expert locksmith must key these locks to your requirements your order is then quality control checked by another locksmith, we add one day of processing time in our time estimate. Large orders or out of stock items can take additional time, but we will generally contact you if we expect more than a two day delay. We maintain enough inventory for virtually everything on our website to meet most orders. If you need your item and a delay of up to two days is not acceptable please contact us or add a note to your order , and we will do our best to meet your requirements or let you know if we cannot. An order being 'processed' is when we have identified the products as in stock, have no questions about the order, and have reviewed any other potential issues. This generally happens same or next business day.


For tamper important items (key cards, keys, and keyed items of $30 in value or greater), the product will always be shrink-wrapped and then security stickered. This is to help give you confidence that your locks or keys were not tampered with or viewed during transit. We properly cushion and wrap your items to ensure no damage occurs during shipping. We do not use packing peanuts, but rather air filled solutions (bubble wrap, an air pillows) to ensure a no-mess unpacking experience.

Fedex Express Special Services

Fedex Express shipping methods feature several advantages over standard ground shipments including time certain delivery, Saturday delivery, and hold for pickup. All Fedex Express packages are guaranteed to arrive by a specific day and time. Generally, if they arrive even 60 seconds late, we can file a request with the carrier to give you a credit for the shipping costs from your order. Saturday delivery allows your package to be delivered on Saturday if it would otherwise be delivered on a Monday. This costs extra unless hold for pickup is used. Hold for pickup means that Fedex will not deliver the package to you. Instead, they will hold it at the Fedex/Kinkos location of your choice. When your package arrives, you will receive a phone call. You can then go into the Fedex/Kinkos location, show a government issued photo ID (driver's license), and pick up your package. Many Fedex/Kinkos locations are open until 10pm and some are open 24 hours a day. Hold for pickup packages generally arrive by early morning, allowing earlier pickup than if delivered to your home or business. To take advantage of hold for pickup or Saturday delivery, please mention so in the notes area during checkout so that we can contact you to arrange it.