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Bilock Deadbolt – High Security Lock Stops Traditional Bypass Methods

Deadbolts are used everywhere for security, but not all deadbolts are secure

• Standard locks are vulnerable to bumping It requires little skill(watching a youtube video) and very little time(under 30 seconds) to open most standard locks. For more details see our Bumping Threat page.
• Standard locks are also vulnerable to picking and impressioning attacks. This takes a little more skill but most locks can be opened by amateur or intermediate lock pickers.
• Many lock sets use low grade materials such as thin metal and plastic and cannot withstand serious abuse.
• Readily available key blanks means anybody who can access your key can get a copy at the local hardware store. This can be a housekeeper, construction worker, dog walker, babysitter, or virtually anybody else.

Consumer grade lock hardware does little more than ask your neighbors not to come in uninvited. Anybody who wants to learn a little about bumping or lock picking can learn to open a pin/tumbler lock without a key. When looking to secure your property, you need something better than hardware store locks.

Stop break-ins and unauthorized access with a high security BiLock deadbolt

BiLock Deadbolts are both bump proof and extremely pick resistant. BiLock uses a pin/sidebar system that is not vulnerable to bumping attacks. It uses 12 pins in two rows and a U-shaped key to make picking attacks extremely unlikely.
Durable construction throughout with hardened steel in strategic places as well as anti-drill protection.
Only you can get duplicate copies of your key. Strict key control means only authorized dealers have access to key blanks.
Unique Quick change core for instant housekeeper or construction rekeying. No lock removal is necessary. For More information on the Quick Change Core see our BiLock Brand Info page.
Easy to install in place of existing hardware. Fits all common door sizes and most installs require only a screwdriver.

BiLock Deadbolts provide a unique solution to secure any door. They are designed to prevent all traditional bypass methods and are constructed to last. They offer additional convenience and security through the use of the Quick Change Core system. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with a high security BiLock Deadbolt today. BiLock is an Australian High Security Lock company founded in the 1980s and is known as one of the most secure high security brands in the world.

Two types of BiLock Deadbolts are available.

Single Cylinder with Thumbturn on the inside, or Double Locking Cylinder.