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Stanton Concepts RKS(Robo Key System) Cutaway Cam Lock

Stanton Concepts RKS(Robo Key System) Cutaway Cam Lock
Stanton Concepts Robo Key System Cutaway Cam Lock RKS Dial Interface RKS Cutaway Cam Lock Rear Profile View RKS Cutaway Cam Lock Internal View
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RKS Cutaway Cam Lock
This cutaway version of an RKS cam lock allows for you to easily see the internal workings of an RKS lock.    It allows for full viewing of all wheels in the pack and is a great way to show the RKS technology.  It is a drop in replacement for a Medeco Biaxial Cam Lock, and so is a great example of how the RKS can fit 3rd party locking hardware.  The cam lock comes preset to a factory combination that can be changed by the user.  Instructions are included in every shipment that explain the factory combination and how to dial it using a manual dialer.


RKS Tech

The Robotic Key System (RKS) is a revolutionary design in a small profile that fits virtually any common locking system from padlocks to deadbolts to cam locks and KIK cylinders.   It is based on the time tested security of safe dial locks.  The RKS cylinder is basically an extremely tiny safe lock without compromising on security.   You do not need to remember a combination with the RKS to have the safety of a safe in your lock, the RKS key handles remembering the combination for you.  Most safe dials only have 3 numbers(3 wheels) to their combination, while some high security safe locks have 4.   The RKS features 6 wheels in the system bringing an exponentially greater number of possible combinations.  The RKS comes in a small form factor allowing for it to be used in everything from deadbolts and euro profile locks to padlocks, cam locks, knobs, and lever locks without an issue.


RKS Attack Resistance
In total there are several billion possible combinations with one RKS cylinder.   The RKS Does not simply rest on total number of possible combinations to stop attacks.   With most modern locks they can be picked, impressioned, bumped, or decoded with various levels of difficulty, however with all of these techniques they are performed through the keyway itself.   The RKS offers a unique interface that eliminates the keyway making virtually all traditional lock attacks impossible.  


Interfacing with the RKS
The RKS lock features a small connector tip that interfaces with a dialer.    The interface allows for many different dialers from handheld dialers to automated machine dialers.  The manual hand held dialer is primarily meant as a backup dialer and is similar to a traditional safe combination dial.   The primary difference with the manual dialer is you have to dial 6 numbers verse the 3 of a traditional safe lock.  The Robo Key Dialer is the most common interface with the RKS Lock.  It remembers and automatically dials the combination of the lock for you at the push of the button in under two seconds.  The automatic dialer is 100% open source, including the firmware, protocols and schematics.  The PC software for interfacing with the RKS is currently not under open source license, but 3rd parties can easily write their own interfaces and another version may be released under an open source license in the near future.   This makes the RKS reprogrammable to meet virtually any possible needs.  


RKS Durability
The RKS lock itself is not an electronic lock, this means you do not have to worry about batteries, power, or durability of the lock itself.  In addition due to the fact there is no keyway there is no hole for dirt and dust and there for it is extremely weather resistant and able to operate in some of most harsh environments with little chance of becoming disabled.  The only electronics are found in some RKS dialers, similar to the key FOB for your car.  In an emergency a manual dialer can always be used.


For more details on the RKS please see www.StantonConcepts.us or "RKS Principle Article" by our own Han Fey.  All profits from RKS sales on this site go directly to Stanton Concepts for further product development.

RKS Manual Combo Discount

For a limited time buy a RKS cutaway cylinder and RKS manual dialer for the special price of $225 ($25 savings).  To take advantage of this offer add both items to your cart and then use the special discount code of: RKSMANCOMBO on the cart checkout page.

Stanton Concepts

Stanton Concepts is a company founded in 1987 on innovative security solutions.  Originally focused on large container security during transportation, Stanton Concepts now makes many products that solve other security needs.   Their revolutionary RKS cylinder features an unprecedented level of security in a form factor that can fit virtually any current locking solution.  Stanton Concepts has more details online at http://www.StantonConcepts.us on their products.  


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