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Stanton Concepts RKS Manual Dialer

Stanton Concepts RKS Manual Dialer
Stanton Concepts Robo Key System Manual Dialer RKS Manual Dialer Front View RKS Manual Dialer Dial Interface
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RKS Manual Dialer
The manual dialer for the RKS features an interface similar to a safe dial.  It is primarily meant as a backup method for interfacing with an RKS cylinder, but does serve other purposes on a cutaway RKS cylinder.  The manual dialer allows the user to see exactly how a combination is dialed in and also allows for easy changing of the combination.  As the combination can be changed by simply re-arranging the wheel pack order, or by moving the flys on the a specific wheel, one can then 'discover' the new combination using the manual dialer and watching the gates align as the dial is turned.  This also allows for easy programming of the new combination into an automated dialer.  Using the manual dialer is similar to dialing a safe, however with an RKS cylinder you have to dial 6 numbers instead of the 3 or 4 with a normal safe lock.

Instructions on using the manual dialer are included in every shipment.

For more details on the RKS demo cylinder please see our RKS Cutaway Cam Lock page. 


RKS Manual Combo Discount

For a limited time buy a RKS cutaway cylinder and RKS manual dialer for the special price of $225 ($25 savings).  To take advantage of this offer add both items to your cart and then use the special discount code of: RKSMANCOMBO on the cart checkout page.


Stanton Concepts

Stanton Concepts is a company founded in 1987 on innovative security solutions.  Originally focused on large container security during transportation, Stanton Concepts now makes many products that solve other security needs.   Their revolutionary RKS cylinder features an unprecedented level of security in a form factor that can fit virtually any current locking solution.  Stanton Concepts has more details online at http://www.StantonConcepts.us on their products.  

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