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Anchor Las 580-5 Grade 5 Padlock For Euro Profile Cylinders

Anchor Las 580-5 Grade 5 Padlock For Euro Profile Cylinders
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Anchor Las 580-5 Padlock
The 580 is a heavy duty Grade 5 padlock made from case hardened steel.  It is a rekeyable padlock and chrome plated for long life.  It accepts euro profile cylinders (29-31mm external length/39-41mm total).  This lock is sold without the locking cylinder, but can be paired with our Abloy Protec Half Euro Profile Cylinder or EVVA MCS Half Euro Profile Cylinder.  Below are the technical details (exact measurements in mm):

  • European Grade 5 Padlock
  • Swedish SFF Grade 5 Padlock
  • Case Hardened Steel Body
  • Chrome Plated Finish
  • 35mm thick body
  • 80mm wide body
  • 71mm tall body
  • 15mm thick shackle
  • 27mm wide shackle clearance
  • 40mm tall shackle clearance
  • 5mm thick anti-drill plate

Anchor Las

Anchor Las is a Swedish lock manufacturer that primarily specializes in high quality padlocks.   Many Anchor Las padlocks are designed to work with third party oval or euro profile cylinders.   The padlocks are severely hardened and meet the toughest of European standards.  Security Snobs is proud to bring the high quality Anchor Las padlock line to customers worldwide.


This product has the following related skus: ANC-580-5-B27, ANC-580-5-B27-L, ANC-580-5-B50, ANC-580-5-B50-L
SKU ANC-580-5-B27
Weight 3.50 lbs
Cylinder Type Abloy High Security
BiLock High Security
Body Material Hardened Steel
Shackle Material Hardened Steel
Body Height 71mm
Body Width 80mm
Body Thickness 35mm
Shackle Thickness 15mm
Shackle Width Clearance 40mm
Shackle Height Clearences 25mm
Quick Rekey No
Shackle Style
Our price: $165.00 (147.95 or 0.000 BTC)
Shackle Style
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